Choosing a Class for Black Desert

While I still have some concerns about what Black Desert Online has to offer as an MMO long term, I did decide to go ahead and pre-order so that I could participate in the next beta test and be a part of the head start and name reservation. With that in mind the next question I’m considering is which class to play first. Eventually I’ll want to have several alts because having a “family” is important in participating in the economy and trade at end game, but it’s still important to decide where I’m going to start. While several classes have piqued my interest there are only two that I am considering to play first. The next beta will help me decide but here’s what I’m thinking for right now as well as two videos on the classes for anyone interested.


Taking nothing into consideration other than playstyle and lore, this is my first pick. This is the pet class in BDO and while there’s only the one option for a pet—a giant black furred beast—it’s a pretty neat looking animal. At higher levels there’s even the option to use the beast as a mount and attack with the animal instead of your character. However the class is melee and from what I’ve seen it requires a good use of movement skills and dodging for survivability and I’m not always very good with that. And considering most of the end game is PvP I’m not sure the “in-your-face” melee fighting style will be for me. That said, with all the options for crafting, fishing, and trade it may not matter if I don’t enjoy the class for PvP. I can always focus on other aspects of the game.

Tamer Guide


As a second choice I’m looking at the Wizard. First of all, I like the idea of playing an old man as a hero because that’s not an option in most MMOs. But more than that, the way the class plays in a group setting will probably be better for me. The wizard is a range support class that can focus on buffing and I believe even healing other party members. I’m sure the class will be squishy but I’d rather stay on the back lines as support with a high risk of death if I’m ever attacked than to be in the thick of battle.

Wizard Guide

Those are my two top choices and some of the reasons behind them. Of course, this is coming from someone who hasn’t actually played yet and I’m sure the next closed beta will help me with that decision. What about you all? For those of you planning on playing BDO, what class are you going to play at the start?


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    • Yes, in fact it’s really important to have them. They may not all be max level, but having them strategically placed in cities can help with the trading parts of the game because Black Desert has no fast travel options. That’s why you have a “family” name for your account and share things like housing and warehouses. The expectation is your alts will work together toward whatever your in game goals happen to be.

      Another thing that makes this game alt friendly is that gear is not level dependent and is account bound so if you upgrade the main hand weapon for Tamer and it’s the same used by the Ninja (whenever that is added to the NA/EU version of the game) you will be able to use a powerful weapon on a new character.

      However you probably won’t be able to have all your alts at the same level of progression as your main because there are so many different things to advance and will need to focus on one character for that reason.

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      • I’m cautiously excited for the game because it’s so different from anything I’ve played. It’s very similar to ArcheAge though, which is why I think I’m not seeing as much excitement/ planned participation as I would have expected for such a beautiful, full featured game. ArcheAge’s failings may put a damper on BD before it even launches which is unfortunate. I think it has a lot of built in mechanics and a better cash shop mode that will avoid many of the problems that AA has had.

        By the way, tomorrow I have a post set to publish on a broad overview of what the end game in BD looks like. It will give you a better idea of how the game plays, or at least as near as I can tell from my research.


  1. For me, that fear of similarity to Archeage comes from different directions; one being game design- both started out very sandboxy and have reduced these design choices after release/open beta. I have to guess with Black Desert because i didn’t follow this title very closely, because of reason number 2. When AAs features were first introduced, the mmo community seemed to be very welcoming. Even later, when some design choices took a more themeparky direction and Trion was announced as the publisher, the mmo community still seemed to be welcoming and the comments thread on massively-that-was was full of cheering for Trion as the publisher of AA. Come release, all of that faded away and turned around.

    Some of that was game design/cash shop related, but there were many flaws showing themselves during that timeframe- like the hacking/exploiting/cheating, but also…time. The game was released in Korea in January 2013 and by then we already had the marketing building up to it- we knew what kind of game it was and also some of the problems. When it released in NA/EU some 20 months later, we knew some of the games’ problems were still not fixed, we knew how newly released content worked and we knew about Black Desert being a thing.

    I can point you to a post of mine from october 28, 2013- about a year before AAs release in NA/EU, , and i link a post of Jef’s on old Massively with the title “is Black Desert the new Archeage?” ( ). So Archeage’s development direction wasn’t the best, it took what seemed like forever to release in our regions, problems were known and Black Desert was already better in people’s mind. In that post i call Archeage a “failure-before-release”.

    Black Desert does sound interesting and i’d be surprised if i didn’t take a look, but because of that AA experience of two years salivating over it, then buying in for loooots of money only to be disappointed by the result, i’m still somewhat distant on it. Better be positively surprised than disappointed again. Still, i think i’ll join, even if i don’t really like games without healers (i don’t think BD has one of these, does it?!?).

    Btw, in that post i linked i just joined a great TSW Cabal- if you’re looking for some friendly and generally good company…well, i’ll just send you a link.

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    • I will definitely read those posts, thank you. I have high hopes that Black Desert will avoid many of the mistakes that AA made but I’m “cautiously optimistic.” I think the publisher and developer are doing a better job communicating with one another than Trion and XL games did, so that gives me hope.

      Reading the dev blogs there’s a lot of positive communication between developer, publisher, and player feedback. In the last blog the CM even said the game is being viewed as “organic” and change can still happen after launch based on feedback. From what I’ve seen they have a relationship with the developers that will allow for change. With Trion it felt like the response was always, “sorry, our hands are tied,” and XL was either unable or unwilling to fix what needed adjusted.

      But anything can happen and I’m certainly not as informed as I’d like to be on BDO, nor did I follow AA before other than a few articles on Massively. And then I think the unpredictability of player behavior can blindside almost any game, especially one with systems like those in AA and Black Desert.

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