Goals for May 2016

After taking a little time to try other MMOs and going back and forth on whether or not to schedule my gaming time differently, I’ve come up with what I think will be a fun and productive plan for May. Most of my time will continue to be split between two games, The Secret World and Tree of Savior (hopefully with a little more love reserved for TSW). I’ll list a few goals below specific to those games.

Then once a week I’m going to take an evening to focus on a game I’ve wanted to explore more but just have not gotten around to doing. For May, that will be Blade & Soul. Finally, I’m going to dedicate a couple of hours over the course of the month to a one or two new MMOs I’ve never played before. This month those games will be Dragon Nest and Continent of the Ninth Seal. Both of these games heavily feature action combat and instanced dungeons with scaling difficulty levels that must be completed multiple times in order to progress. There are several MMOs available on Steam like this and I’ve never played one before  so I’m eager to try them and see if I like the playstyle.

Lastly, I have an additional project in mind for Tree of Savior. I find the lore in ToS interesting enough to want more but as with most games I’m having a hard time remembering what’s happened at earlier stages in the game and thus end up at a loss as to how current storylines relate to previous revelations. So what I’d like to do is start a new character, an Archer, and play through the game one map at a time while recording the story elements in a series of blog posts. I’ll include a screenshot of the map, an example of what the environment looks like, the name of the map, and a summary of what story elements were revealed during the missions in that area.

I haven’t decided if I want to do a mission by mission account or if I want to write a single summary of all pertinent story points for each zone. I have a little time to decide, as I would like to first reach at least 127 on my Cleric so that I can unlock the Monk advanced class and finally be able to do some real damage. I’m really excited about this project though, and hope to get started this month. I’d like to do one post a week, but I’m going to be flexible with regard to doing more or less as the mood hits me.

Tree of Savior

  • Reach level 127 on my Cleric and unlock the Monk class
  • Write the first two posts in my lore series using the Archer class
  • Level a Swordsman from 20 to 50

The Secret World

  • Finish Tokyo through Issue 11
  • Upgrade remaining Head and Major Talismans to QL 10.4
  • Earn enough AP to put together a Fist/Pistol healing build
  • Try healing in an elite dungeon

Exploring Additional MMOs

  • Play Blade & Soul once a week, leveling the Warlock class
  • Try Dragon Nest and Continent of the Ninth, 1-2 hours each

4 thoughts on “Goals for May 2016

  1. Not a comment so much as a question: roughly how much gaming time do you have a month? Not asking to be nosey but rather to gauge the time it takes to complete the content for some of your goals. The goals you set often seem like they would require a good chunk of effort but perhaps I am misinterpreting how long it takes to do things in game. My gaming time is pretty low these days so my goals list per month with be underwhelming to say the least! 🙂

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    • I probably have 10-15 hours a week, although lately it’s been more simply because I’ve been in hotels so much for work and with no other responsibilities I’ll usually get in some extra gaming time.

      I do set a lot of goals though, probably more than I could realistically accomplish. If you look at how the last couple of months have gone, I’ve not finished a list yet. Instead I just carry over the things I’d still like to accomplish for the next month and drop the things I’m no longer interested in. It’s more about having a general direction than a strict guideline though. I’m not disappointed when I don’t complete one of my goals, I just like having something to aim for.


      • Yeah I get that. It’s an interesting idea, setting goals. Been considering it myself since reading your stuff and Syp’s. Seemed funny at first to set goals for a hobby but we set them for everything else, what not? It might actually help me advance my Elite Dangerous and BDO activities if I actually tracked something specific, even if time is limited.


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