Listening to Tree of Savior

Thanks to the wonderful lad and lasses over at Battle Bards, I have a much more deliberate appreciation for MMO soundtroacks. As a result, I try to either purchase or listen through a YouTube playlist of the music for whichever game I’m currently playing to get a better feel for what the soundtrack offers. When I first started playing Tree of Savior I really enjoyed the game’s soundtrack however it quickly became repetitive and I assumed it would be a bore to listen to independently. While it’s true, many tracks follow a similar enough beat to be indistinguishable, there are some noteworthy tracks in Tree of Savior. It’s a distinct style of music with much shallower variation than what you’d expect from a fantasy MMO but it’s fitting for the style of gameplay and I’ve enjoyed exploring the tracks I haven’t heard in game. If you would like a little taste, here are five of my favorite selected from this playlist, in no particular order.


The Dignity of Wrath


Evil Blood


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