MMO Plans for 2016

I’ve seen a number of other bloggers writing a retrospect of their 2015 gaming experiences and then contemplating resolutions and goals for 2016. The former I don’t plan on doing right now however I would like to take a little time to talk about my plans for 2016. None of this is ironclad, but I do have a general idea of what I’d like to be playing this year.

Goals from 2015

I didn’t set any goals at the beginning of last year, but at some point I decided to “finish” more of the MMOs I had tried and liked. Prior to setting that goal I had max level characters in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 but nowhere else. This was due to indecisiveness every time I would start a new MMO and also due to how easily I was distracted by the next “shiny.” However by the end of the year I had reached max level in Trove, Final Fantasy XIV (pre-Heavensward), Star Wars: The Old Republic, WildStar and in three OARPGs.

With 2016 now here, the question I have is will I continue down this route, or focus on end game in one or two games instead? Since I have no max level characters (or the equivalent) in either of the two titles I’m currently interested in, for now I’m going to continue leveling in MMOs I have previously started but never finished. However that goal may change once I progress further in these two games.


The Secret World

Out of all my options, there is one MMO I want to continue playing for the majority of the year, and that is The Secret World. I bought the game for my birthday and now, about six weeks in I can confidently say that it is one of the best (if not THE best) MMO I have ever played. I would like to finish all the content currently available up through Issue #13 however until I’ve tried dungeons and raiding, it’s hard to tell whether I’ll want to stick around between Issues, or just come back for the new stories and special events like so many other people do.


The Elder Scrolls Online

If The Secret World is going to be my three squares a day for 2016, then TESO will be my coffee break; something I look forward to but don’t spend a lot of time on. I want to sample more of this game’s story and world as well as the combat and skill system which remind me of what I like about The Secret World’s style of progression. Because it’s been a while since I last played I went ahead and started a new Sorcerer and have already reached level seven and completed Bleakrock Isle. The combat feels crude compared to TSW, but I like having the typical fantasy themed weapons and adversaries as a counter point to The Secret World’s zombies and assault rifles.

Black Desert

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about this game because I only just started researching it this past week, but suffice it to say it has caught my attention. I’m going to continue to keep an eye on it and if I have the funds available at launch I will probably pick up this game and give it a try. It fits in with my apparent Buy-to-Play preference right now if nothing else.

Steam’s Winter Sale

Believe it or not I did not regularly use Steam until after I purchased TSW for my birthday during one of their sales. Previously I had two other games on Steam, neither of which I ever played. However now I’m starting to understand the appeal, and with a gift card I received at Christmas, I made a few purchases this December that I’d like to explore. Most of them are single player titles, so I suppose another goal for 2016 will be to explore other genres besides MMOs and ARPGs.

LOTRO- this was going to be my secondary MMO and I even bought all the expansions with that in mind but it just hasn’t clicked yet, however maybe if I tire of TESO I’ll place a little more emphasis here. My kids really like it though and it’s a good introductory MMO for them so even if I don’t play much myself I’ll continue to enjoy the quality time with my kids as we read quest text in funny accents and explore Middle Earth together.

Arkham Asylum/ Arkham City- I’ve never played any of the Arkham franchise games and so I purchased these two, mostly because the stories sounded interesting. I’ve started Arkham Asylum and so far so good. It definitely looks older than the latest edition to the series, but considering the MMOs I play I don’t really care.

Fallout- Here’s another franchise I’ve never played, and I wanted to start with the original RPG. I’m really looking forward to this, however with the single player games I purchased I’m going to tackle them one at a time so it will have to wait until I’m finished wearing black tights and a cape while punching clowns.


I’m Batman.


Life is Strange- This was a last minute purchase at the end of the sale, but I’m glad I picked it up because I’m hearing good things about it from other bloggers. And I’m hoping I can talk my wife into sitting down with me to play too because I think she would enjoy the story elements and it might provide her with a different perspective on video games as a non-gamer.

That’s not really a plan, Weakness…

I know, I know. I’m not committing to any “goals” per se so much as a list of games I want to play through although like last year I expect a few months in to have a better idea of where my focus will be for the remainder of the year. If I had to make a decision right now, I’d tell you that The Secret World is going to be my permanent MMO home but with so much left to try out and no guild or community ties to speak of, I think that decision would be premature.

So what are your plans for 2016? Did you get suckered into the Winter Steam Sale as much (or more) than I did?

#NBI2015Safari: Hunting Werewolves

There are rumors of werewolves hidden among the people of Aldcroft. Fahd’ali approaches the town with caution, the full moon hidden by fog rolling in from the west. Bow drawn, arrow notched, and daedric companion at the ready he takes a deep, steadying breath before pressing forward. The town is quiet; although it’s several hours until midnight, even the local tavern is lifeless. The only sound is that of the sorcerer’s leather boots padding across the vacant, cobbled street.


Nearby a door shuts swiftly, startling Fahd’ali. He hears the turning of a lock then all is quiet once more. Before pressing deeper into the town square Fahd’ali closes his eyes, listening for predatory sounds but hearing nothing; only stillness. The air is stale, warm. He slips further into an awareness of his environment, allowing his senses to wander through the palpable tension in the atmosphere.

Suddenly, the howl of a werewolf cuts through the rigid void. The moon, no longer hidden by the fog bathes Fahd’ali in a morose light, plainly marking him as the only living soul foolish enough to be out in the open. Off in the distance the creature howls once more, this time with an eagerness for the hunt. Fahd’ali raises his bow and whispers incantations of wind and lightning.

He is ready; he is afraid.

Welcome to Coldharbour: An [un]Helpful guide to your first 3 levels in ESO

So, you’ve decided to vacation in Coldharbour have you? There’s no better place to get away from the troubles of Tamriel like this little slice of Oblivion. Just take a whiff of that musty, foul draft beneath your cell door. Breathtaking, isn’t it?  And while you may already be dead, soulless, and subject to unspeakable horrors, there is so much more of Coldharbour to enjoy! So come along and join us on this unauthorized tour of Oblivion’s little darling,

"Hi, I'm Tour Guide Lyris!"

“Hi, I’m Tour Guide Lyris! Keep your hands, arms, and vital organs inside the carriage at all times. And please, no flash cartography.”

Before we get started, you’ll want to break out of your cell. We’ve sent our seasoned tour guide, Lyris to your door to help with your escape. This striking warrior from the distant tundra of Skyrim is no Nord-inary woman, she was once one of the Five Companions and bodyguard to Emperor Aquilarios. She came to our shores as a guest, but is now an integral member of our hospitality staff. Lyris generously provides every one of our guests with their very own souvenir great sword, useful when those skeletal guards show too much enthusiasm for their responsibilities.


Before leaving our five star dungeon you may want to spend a few hours with a complimentary masseuse at our luxury day spa. In Coldharbour we do more than simply relieve the tension in your muscles from a long day spent shoeing horses or folding iron, we remove that troublesome tissue completely from the bone! You’ll feel the stress just melt away as our highly trained specialists use “burning embers therapy” on every square inch of your road-weary frame.


“Care to join me for a bite to eat?”

While there’s plenty to do in Coldharbour solo, this vacation hub is so popular you’re bound to find a friend or two as you exit the dungeon and make your way through our artfully manicured landscaping. Beholding the captivating crags and fallow shores in hues of eerie blue and depressing gray is twice as nice when you have a new companion to share it with! But be careful, some of our guests have been staying with us for so long they may be far hungrier for your company than you are for theirs.*

Looking for a little romance? You may find it here! And don't worry, what happens in Coldharbour, stays in Coldharbour. Mostly because we don't let you leave!

Looking for a little romance? You may find it here! And don’t worry, what happens in Coldharbour, stays in Coldharbour. Mostly because we don’t let you leave!

*(Offers to join other Coldharbour guests for dinner are at the visitor’s discretion. Coldharbour and it’s affiliates cannot be held liable for loss of appetite, sanity, limb, or life while consorting with veteran members of our illustrious resort. Please socialize responsibly).


As the endless night gives way to… more night you may want to consider one of the entertainment options we offer in Coldharbour. There’s uh, this guy who plays a lute with a pot on his head. (I really hope that’s not a chamber pot he’s wearing.) Caldwell’s one of our oldest staff members, and while his fashion sense may be questionable, his lack of sanity is never in doubt!


Or enjoy a theatrical performance of light, sound and daedric portals by none other than the troubadour formally known as “The Prophet.” You may also remember him as the lead singer from “Varen and the Argonian Maidservants,” a popular band of traveling minstrels on the Daggerfall tavern circuit from several years ago. If you stay for the finale, you may catch a glimpse of your tour guide Lyris on stage and get a special one on one with “The Prophet.” After the show he’ll lead you through a private tour backstage, where you’ll get a first look at Molag Bal’s revolutionary plans for brining that Coldharbour charm to the rest of Tamriel, the Dark Anchor Initiative, or “DAI” for short.


“Y’all come back now!”

And that concludes our exclusive look at the lesser known features of the critically acclaimed Coldharbour spa and resort. We’d like to thank all our guests for generously providing us with fresh souls to fuel our Dark Anchor Initiative as we bring the amenities of Oblivion to Tamriel for all to enjoy. Be sure to tell your friends about our lovely corner of Oblivion, and if you ever manage to escape, we hope you’ll come back the next time you need a break from everyday life.