Stuck (Again) and Possibly in Danger of Being Eaten

The frantic tug of muddy earth,
Shoes tied with weighted, softened ground.
A moment more the child resists
But then resigned she lay back down
On muddy earth and tufts of grass,
Slick and creased by lilting steps.
“Perhaps,” she yawns, “I’ll rest awhile”
And sleeps the eve in earthen depths.

Awake! O silly, sleeping child,
Lest winds that wrestle port and bow
Place biting, brittle fingertips
On bony cheek and pallid brow.
Leviathan swims ‘low the crest,
Cleaving stone with bearded snout.
Soundless through the earth he writhes
And tests the soil for veins of doubt.

This poem, the first part of which was posted as “Stuck” last week (which may or may not be the final title), is still a work in progress. I’m not sure how long it will be once it is completed but I think the vibe is going to be a cross between the story of Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Jonah from the Old Testament. So far I’m working eight lines at a time, and I will likely continue to post as I go rather than waiting until it is all complete.


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