My First Two Days in Age of Wushu

Not long after posting on Age of Wushu: Dynasty I downloaded the client for the original title on my laptop, eager to give the game a try. My primary reservation to Age of Wushu in the past had to do with the open PvP nature of the game however the mobile version had me interested in the combat, the progression, and the action animations had me hungry for some Wuxia style combat. However from the moment I logged in it turned out to be a great big mess. Despite my first two days being almost entirely negative, I’m still determined to push further into what the game has to offer.

So what went wrong? What didn’t go wrong would be easier to describe. The first hurtle I ran into was in downloading the client itself. Navigating to the Wushu website was easy enough, but then once there I had to create a folder of my own and download ten listed files into that folder. Only after this was completed was I able to use any kind of installation program. Although unusual, it was simple and painless. In very little time I was staring at the launcher ready to log in to my account with Snail.


During those first few steps into the game I selected a server, the Golden Panda, a backdrop of some kind (which it repeatedly asked me to choose every log in until I realized how to make it stop), and then I was prompted to make my first character. Customization was limited which I was expecting and after tweaking the few options available to me I was able to choose one of eight Kung Fu schools to join followed by a main storyline to progress through. Quizzically, when I created a character on another server the story was the first thing I chose and it was presented as an animated library and my school was not selected until I was past the tutorial. Why the difference, I have no idea.

The first twenty minutes or so of gameplay went smoothly, although they were a bit confusing. Age of Wushu features a combat system that is antiquated but has an interesting “rock, paper, scissors” twist to it. The storyline began exactly how I expected it would with my character meeting an old master, facing off against the big bad, and ultimately turning out to be a hero with untapped super-human Kung Fu potential. And then the tutorial was respectable despite the many complex systems being introduced. When I ran through it all a second time I was able to pick up on even more but even the first run through was enough to get started.

Eventually I reached a point where I was shuffled off to my school of choice—the Shaolin—where combat was taught for a second time along with a few of the other progression systems in Wushu which I’m not going to even begin to describe. However about twenty or thirty minutes into my time with the Shaolin I turned in a quest to the head of the school, the Abbot and then… nothing. No quest popped up, no prompt to move to a different part of the map or to go back to the starter village, just nothing. So I asked another player nearby who had been vocal in chat and he was also unable to explain the sudden tutorial silence. “Just do whatever you want, go explore,” he said and so I did to no avail.


I get that this is a sandbox game, but it seemed pretty clear to me that the game either did a terrible job indicating it was time for me to leave the nest or (far more likely) just didn’t complete the tutorial experience and left me at a loss as to where I could pick it back up. I ran all over the school grounds, clicked on nearly every NPC, and even explored the surrounding area where I had a right good time punching things in the face until even tougher things spawned that I would also punch in the face but even more. Faces were punched all around and I enjoyed it but I still had no clue what I was doing.

I googled everything I could on the new player experience, the Shaolin, the tutorial sequence but nothing helped. At that point I tried a couple of things in desperation. Firstly, and quite impulsively, I bought the VIP status for 30 days for the low, low price of $9. My whopping 18 slot bag was constantly filling up, mostly with the free crap they were giving me at the beginning as a “gift” and I (wrongly) assumed that being a VIP member would help with my storage woes. It did not.

Secondly, I went ahead and focused on leveling up my Inner skills or whatever they’re called until they reached level 5 as I remembered reading somewhere that this unlocked other options. It’s another reason why I went with the VIP service because it would allow me to continue training them while I was offline. Reaching level 5 did open up a few new quest options, but not the school storyline or main storyline that I was hoping for and that the game was telling me I had yet to complete. I still felt like I was lacking the second half of the tutorial experience.


In frustration I decided to start over again with a character on a different server. I would have rerolled on the same server but you can only have one character at a time and deleting that character requires a 48 hour waiting period before creating a new one, even if you have the VIP membership. About twenty minutes into my second play through I was feeling much better about both the complex progression system and the school I had chosen, the Tangmen. Then I noticed something. The bonuses I should have been receiving for having the VIP subscription weren’t active, in fact the game was telling me I did not have the service at all. It turns out it only applies to the server you were on when you first purchased it.

That should have been the straw that broke the camel’s back—and it almost was— but there’s something alluring about this game and I really wanted to continue playing, so instead of rage quitting, I went ahead and deleted my Shaolin character on Golden Panda and prepared to wait the two days before starting fresh with the Tangmen on the correct server. This is probably one of the worst starting experiences I’ve ever had with an MMO and why I’m still determined to play it is either a testament to the game’s intriguing systems or my own stubborn streak. Either way I’m going to go a little further before calling it quits.

I did write a letter to Snail USA letting them know that I was stuck on one character and irritated that the paid VIP service only applied to one server even though this was never stated (at least that I saw) at the time of purchase. Their response was quick, which I applaud, but it was clearly written by someone using google translate to provide a response in English which I though odd given that this was supposedly the western office for the Chinese publisher. As was expected, it was not a helpful reply, merely a request that I provide more information about where I was stuck and confirming that yes, the VIP service was just for one server.


Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll have something more positive to write about with regard to Age of Wushu, but for now I’m in limbo. I still have about 24 hours left to wait before I can play the character I want on the server with the VIP membership I paid for because that makes all kinds of sense. Maybe Snail is just preparing me for the end game in Age of Wushu. By the time I get back in the game and reach the point where I can be openly killed by another player character, I’ll be ready for the kill or be killed scenario. I mean, two days in and I’ve already been griefed by the developer. How much worse could the players be?

Welcome to Coldharbour: An [un]Helpful guide to your first 3 levels in ESO

So, you’ve decided to vacation in Coldharbour have you? There’s no better place to get away from the troubles of Tamriel like this little slice of Oblivion. Just take a whiff of that musty, foul draft beneath your cell door. Breathtaking, isn’t it?  And while you may already be dead, soulless, and subject to unspeakable horrors, there is so much more of Coldharbour to enjoy! So come along and join us on this unauthorized tour of Oblivion’s little darling,

"Hi, I'm Tour Guide Lyris!"

“Hi, I’m Tour Guide Lyris! Keep your hands, arms, and vital organs inside the carriage at all times. And please, no flash cartography.”

Before we get started, you’ll want to break out of your cell. We’ve sent our seasoned tour guide, Lyris to your door to help with your escape. This striking warrior from the distant tundra of Skyrim is no Nord-inary woman, she was once one of the Five Companions and bodyguard to Emperor Aquilarios. She came to our shores as a guest, but is now an integral member of our hospitality staff. Lyris generously provides every one of our guests with their very own souvenir great sword, useful when those skeletal guards show too much enthusiasm for their responsibilities.


Before leaving our five star dungeon you may want to spend a few hours with a complimentary masseuse at our luxury day spa. In Coldharbour we do more than simply relieve the tension in your muscles from a long day spent shoeing horses or folding iron, we remove that troublesome tissue completely from the bone! You’ll feel the stress just melt away as our highly trained specialists use “burning embers therapy” on every square inch of your road-weary frame.


“Care to join me for a bite to eat?”

While there’s plenty to do in Coldharbour solo, this vacation hub is so popular you’re bound to find a friend or two as you exit the dungeon and make your way through our artfully manicured landscaping. Beholding the captivating crags and fallow shores in hues of eerie blue and depressing gray is twice as nice when you have a new companion to share it with! But be careful, some of our guests have been staying with us for so long they may be far hungrier for your company than you are for theirs.*

Looking for a little romance? You may find it here! And don't worry, what happens in Coldharbour, stays in Coldharbour. Mostly because we don't let you leave!

Looking for a little romance? You may find it here! And don’t worry, what happens in Coldharbour, stays in Coldharbour. Mostly because we don’t let you leave!

*(Offers to join other Coldharbour guests for dinner are at the visitor’s discretion. Coldharbour and it’s affiliates cannot be held liable for loss of appetite, sanity, limb, or life while consorting with veteran members of our illustrious resort. Please socialize responsibly).


As the endless night gives way to… more night you may want to consider one of the entertainment options we offer in Coldharbour. There’s uh, this guy who plays a lute with a pot on his head. (I really hope that’s not a chamber pot he’s wearing.) Caldwell’s one of our oldest staff members, and while his fashion sense may be questionable, his lack of sanity is never in doubt!


Or enjoy a theatrical performance of light, sound and daedric portals by none other than the troubadour formally known as “The Prophet.” You may also remember him as the lead singer from “Varen and the Argonian Maidservants,” a popular band of traveling minstrels on the Daggerfall tavern circuit from several years ago. If you stay for the finale, you may catch a glimpse of your tour guide Lyris on stage and get a special one on one with “The Prophet.” After the show he’ll lead you through a private tour backstage, where you’ll get a first look at Molag Bal’s revolutionary plans for brining that Coldharbour charm to the rest of Tamriel, the Dark Anchor Initiative, or “DAI” for short.


“Y’all come back now!”

And that concludes our exclusive look at the lesser known features of the critically acclaimed Coldharbour spa and resort. We’d like to thank all our guests for generously providing us with fresh souls to fuel our Dark Anchor Initiative as we bring the amenities of Oblivion to Tamriel for all to enjoy. Be sure to tell your friends about our lovely corner of Oblivion, and if you ever manage to escape, we hope you’ll come back the next time you need a break from everyday life.