Trove Tunes: Pirates of the Caribbean in Trove

Building in Trove offers more than blocks for constructing castles, lighthouses, or giant police boxes. You can craft music in this game as well using special blocks and mag rails. The degree of complexity this system allows is mind blowing. So this week I’d like to feature a musician from the community and will continue to do so as I discover more Trovians crafting tunes.

Today’s song comes from player Kyle Landry. This rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song was first discovered by my son and I as we were exploring various Club Worlds and was my first experience with music made by players in Trove. At the time I could only appreciate the craftsmanship without knowing who created the musical mag rail but thanks to the excellent YouTube channel, Koba Games, I was redirected to another channel by Major Tom of the Trovian Maestros. As fate would have it, along with his own music, Major Tom had this song in a playlist and I was able to identify the artist! Take a listen, and if you want to find more in game look for the  Nat Geo club world.


Edit: Originally I had credited Major Tom with the creation of this music in Trove, but this is actually a cover created by Kyle Landry and can be found in the Nat Geo club world. I found it listed on Major Tom’s YouTube channel and I mistook it for one of his. My apologies!