Goals for March 2016

I’m going to join Chestnut and Aywren on the fun of setting goals for the month and then seeing how I do at the end. Since Black Desert is still new to me and I’m learning systems as I go my goals for it will be a little generic this time around although I may change them later in the month. Most of my specific goals will have to do with The Secret World.

The Secret World

  • Get to know my new Cabal better and participate in group events
  • Finish Tokyo through Issue 11
  • Obtain QL 10 custom purple gear for all slots
  • Upgrade Head and Major Talismans to QL 10.4
  • Complete all dungeons on Elite difficulty
  • Get the last auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher

Black Desert Online

  • Learn how to fish (Yes, that’s one of my goals; don’t judge.)
  • Figure out what I need to do to start a boat building workshop
  • Determine best routes for fish trade and connect nodes
  • Level the Tamer to 30(ish)


Blade and Soul

  • Try the new Warlock class

Life is Strange

  • Get through Chapter 1


I think that’s plenty to keep me busy for the month, especially with everything I want to accomplish in The Secret World and having to figure out a lot of systems and mechanics in Black Desert. Now that I have my PC’s performance issues figured out in Black Desert I’m starting to look forward to the game more. Nothing kills motivation to play a beautiful, action MMO like 9 fps. And then I’m also excited to finally be in a Cabal in The Secret World. I’m hoping this will open up a lot of opportunity to get to know new people and experience the game in new ways. There’s a lot to look forward to this month, let’s see what I’m able to accomplish!