Setting a Weekly Schedule

Once again I’m playing around with the idea of having scheduled days for each of the MMOs I’m either playing or interested in playing. It’s something I’ve tried before with limited success but whenever there are more than two MMOs I’d like to play at one time, it seems to be a helpful approach.

The advantages are of course in managing progress in multiple titles. If I plan time for each game I’m less likely to favor one over another and thus end up in a situation like I have with LOTRO where it’s perpetually on my “maybe tomorrow” list but never actually gets played. Sometimes I just need to log in to kindle the excitement I once had for a game and a schedule encourages this.

The disadvantage comes when holding too rigorously to the set schedule, such that playing a particular title feels forced. However that has never been a problem for me when I’ve tried this before; I usually just abandon the routine all together when it’s clear the issue isn’t time management, but rather that I do not like one game well enough to choose it over another.

The monthly goals I started to set in March are a kind of alternative solution in that they provide motivation to log into each game in which I’ve planned to reach certain benchmarks however this still suffers from the perpetual “maybe tomorrow” fallacy that I experience when I have no real plans at all.

I’ve also considered focusing on a single title until reaching level cap, and then moving on to the next as I did for most of last year with FFXIV, Trove, Diablo III, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and WildStar. It certainly worked then and as a result I was able to see much of what each game had to offer. This makes community involvement nearly impossible though, and while that is not always a priority of mine, it is something I have missed since my World of Warcraft days. Were I to select this route I would have a difficult time choosing where to begin. In addition to the new titles I’ve tried and enjoyed over the last week, there are a few older ones I wouldn’t mind going back to as well.

I think the fact that I’m considering any of this is just evidence of what I wrote about on Monday; I’m restless and don’t have an overwhelming desire to play one particular game over another. There are certainly titles I favor— most notably Tree of Savior— but not enough that I want to play any of them exclusively.

If you like definitive resolutions in the blog posts you read, you’ll find none here. I’m just thinking out loud in written form. I would appreciate feedback, however. I’ve seen several other gamers try a weekly schedule, have any of you been able to make this work? For those of you setting monthly goals, has this helped you balance your time between multiple titles?


4 thoughts on “Setting a Weekly Schedule

  1. Hmm. You are not the first one to mention this concept, and some people actually seem to do pretty fine with that. So I couldn’t say that it’s bad per se, but I know I would hate it. The moment i have to put a schedule on my gaming time, i know that something is wrong.

    My gaming basically is centered about three ideas:
    1. I don’t play what i currently dislike to play. No matter what else happens, if i feel like i don’t want to play one game at the moment, i won’t ever force myself to play.
    2. I coordinate gaming with my girl. If she feels like playing TSW, while i would like some Elite Dangerous, she gets priority. After all, neither game will run away from me, and playing together is better than playing alone. (I will have time to play alone at another time, anyway. )
    3. I dedicate time to play with friends. Rule #1 still applies in case they suggest a game i dislike, but that rarely happens. As long as the suggested game is enjoyable, i play it even if my personal choice at the moment might be another one.

    I never before wrote this down in this way, and i think i also never before actually thought it through in this detail, it’s usually more the chain of asking my girl, then friends, what they’d suggest, then making up my mind, but in that list form it looks much better. 🙂

    Anyway, i found that it works very well, while i think i would hate any game which I’d play because of some schedule for it. It just feels wrong to me. (But as said, some others seem to do perfectly fine that way, so i can’t tell what’s good for you. )

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    • PS: Jjust to be sure, i also can and will suggest games at some time. With my friends that works perfectly fine, my girl often applies rule #1 and we go for something else. 😀


  2. I tried the schedule and it didn’t work for me- because on some nights i was in the mood for Lotro, for instance, but SWTOR was on the menu. In the end, more often than not, i simply didn’t play anything.

    Maybe try a variation and combination of all three – in another comment i mentioned how important it is for me to put some dedication into playing Elder Scrolls Online- else i’d probably “lose touch”. Maybe try and set a few goals, give each of the games you’re interested in a couple of hours to play them in a given time (say, 10-20 hours in a given month) and a few dedicated evenings with longer session times.

    I’m pretty sure the sky will be clearer afterwards- some will fall off the side while others might keep you interested.
    Or turn it around- schedule one night a week for some “off” game that’s always been on your list- like Lotro or ESO. The rest of the week? Just play what you’d like to- or nothing- spring’s coming, after all 😉

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  3. I often have a very loose “schedule” in mind, along the lines of “this week I want to play at least four different MMOs and two of them need to be ones I haven’t played for a while” but anything more formal than that would put me right off playing I think. It’s supposed to be entertainment, after all, so it needs to run primarily off of mood.

    Have you considered randomizing the choices? Put all the names in a hat and pick one each session!

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