Tree of Savior: Dungeons and Cleric Leveling

I’ve reached level 66 on my Cleric in Tree of Savior and the last twenty levels or so have been a blur for a couple of reasons. First of all, once I reached level 46, the next 5 levels happened rapidly. All it took was about fifteen level 3 XP cards because 46 was the magic number where the leveling curve resets and suddenly all I needed to gain a level was an XP amount similar to earlier on in the leveling process. Imagine reaching level 46 in World of Warcraft and suddenly needing the same amount of XP to reach level 47 as you did for level 10 only you’re gaining the same amount as always from level 46 mobs.

I then gained another 8 levels or more from running the first dungeon, Underground Chapel, a couple of times. When you queue for a dungeon with random players you get something like a 600% XP buff and when that’s added to the amount of XP you earn per kill and the fact that levels are still coming quickly, a couple of runs is all it will take to get you to level 60. After that I managed the last few levels from more questing, XP cards, and two more dungeon runs which still net a hefty amount of XP, even when your character level is much higher than the required level 50 for entry.


Here’s my entire team of alts hanging out in their lodge. I like how the character log in screen has them all together like this. I’ve always thought of my alts as a team.


It sounds like a speedy leveling process and it certainly can be, but overall as a Cleric leveling is quite slow compared to other classes. When I’ve played an Archer or Swordsman my damage has been high enough that I can one or two shot a cluster of mobs, just as I’m traveling along from quest point to quest point which nets a kind of passive XP gain as you travel. Those same mobs might take 7 or 8 hits from my Cleric, so more often than not I just pass them by if they aren’t part of a quest.

Another thing that makes it worse for my character in particular is that I’m leveling to be a Monk and therefore improving my strength attribute rather than intelligence. However until I actually spec into the Monk class, very few Cleric abilities do physical damage other than the basic attack, meaning all my spells are weaker than they would be for a Cleric focusing on magic damage skills. It also means I’m using the basic attack quite often. That’s changed a little after I selected my third Class, the Dievdirby, which has a powerful physical damage attack with three charges that has been a huge time saver.

While it may be slow going when playing solo, I’m still set on my current goal of leveling a Cleric to be a dps Monk with lots of support buffs for other classes. This is where my character has started to shine— in dungeons. I have three skills right now that are really beneficial for groups. The first is a Cleric (circle 2) skill, that increases the skill level of everyone’s abilities. That means if you’ve only placed 5 skill points in an ability, when I use my buff you will then have 6. The duration and cool down are such that I can keep this buff active the entire time.



Chopping away at a block of wood to carve a statue. It’s an interesting choice to make in the middle of a combat situation.


The other two abilities come from my most recent class, the Dievdirby. This is a class unique to Tree of Savior so far as I know, but with abilities similar to the totems that Shaman provide in World of Warcraft. The Dievdirby carves statues out of wood which you must purchase or gather in order to use the ability. There are several types of wood available and each ability has it’s own required type. The ones that are most helpful in dungeons, especially during a boss fight, are the statue of Zemyna and the statue of Laima. The first decreases the cost of SP (mana) and it’s recovery time while the second decreases the cool down on all skills.

Right now my own damage isn’t that great but these buffs are pretty significant for the entire group during a dungeon run. Once I’m able to spec into the Monk class my damage will really start to increase and I’ll have a really good combination of utility and damage output. That’s going to take awhile as I’ll have to rank up two more times first which means I will be well into the one hundreds before that happens. Hopefully I’ve got the resolve to stick with the Cleric for that many levels and so long as I keep enjoying my time playing, I’m sure I will.

3 thoughts on “Tree of Savior: Dungeons and Cleric Leveling

  1. Following your recent post on what new concepts and ideas Korean MMOs bring to the table, Tree of Savior seems to have some great new wrinkles I’ve not seen before. I really like the idea of asymetric leveling. That would work in quite a few MMOs I can think of. The massive xp bonus for grouping with random players is a good one too. Western games often offer a small bonus for this but 600% is more like what you need to get people to jump, I’d say.

    As for whittling a statue in combat to give group buffs, that’s genius! What’s more, it opens the door for the entire concept of incorporating crafting into fights. I’d love to play an MMO where three people were fighting and two were frenziedly crafting all at the same time.

    I just have one question: where did they come up with a name like Dievdirby?

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    • I’ve been thinking about the psychological benefit to asymmetric leveling as you call it; there’s something horrifying about the realization that levels will only take longer and longer to gain as a game goes on. It’s one of the reasons why expansions aren’t always that exciting to me. However to have that curve reset every once in a while? It gives you something to look forward to; a point of relief in the leveling cycle.

      And I wish the Dievdirby was as interesting as you describe it, but it amounts to little more than an animation of carving and that’s about it. I like it conceptually all the same, but what you’ve described sounds much better than what it actually is.

      I have no idea where the name came from, however I do know that one of the Archer classes randomly has a German name so it’s possible it comes from another language other than English as well.


    • Most term in this game is in lithuanian, the towns, jobs and divinities are from there.
      So it’s literally a god wood carver.


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