Continuing My Adventures in Tree of Savior as a Cleric

I’m slowly making my way back up in levels in Tree of Savior, this time as a Cleric and with a slightly better idea of how to progress without so much grind. A couple of nights ago I ran out of quests in Kleipeda so I bought a teleport scroll to Orsha and started the main storyline based in that town. To do so I had to go back to the level one zone for the area and blitz through the earlier portions as quickly as possible. In the future I think I’m going to start doing a bit of back and forth between the two cities earlier so that I’m not wasting so much time on mobs I out level.

After a couple of low level maps, even though I was still getting very little XP from the mobs, I started to collect more of the level 2 XP cards which will come in handy later. Right now I have about 120 of them saved up and another 10 of the level 3 cards so my plan is to start using them once I reach the early forties or whenever I run out of quests and would otherwise have to start grinding to continue leveling. It should allow me to speed through those levels and get past the lengthier bits of the XP curve more quickly.


Around level 25 in the Orsha main story questline (I was level 28 at the time) I completed a segment of the story, ported back to Orsha, talked to a couple of NPCs and then… nothing. I didn’t have the next quest in the chain pop up nor did continuing to speak to the Bishop or Lord of Orsha (key figures in the quest chain) help any either. I was ready to log off for the night at that time anyway and I had a few more side quests to clean up in the zone I had ported out of so I went back to finish those and decided I would figure out what happened to the main story quest line later. I forgot to check the actual quest log, not just the sidebar on the UI, so maybe I’ll find what I’m supposed to do next there.

Overall I wouldn’t say leveling is happening any faster from doing both storylines, it’s just more interesting than staying in one zone and grinding the same mobs for an hour or more. I am eager to reach the 40s though and start using my XP cards. Who knows how many I’ll have collected by then. Unfortunately level as a Cleric is part of the reason it’s taking so long to get back to that level range as my time to kill is much longer than it was as an Archer or Swordsman. Still, I’m enjoying the class and eventually I’ll get to learn the Monk advanced class which should make my attacks more powerful.


It’s a beautiful game and despite it’s simplicity I’m still enjoying it a lot. Things have quieted down drastically on my server since last week’s founders launch which makes the game run much smoother and the maps feel much less congested. I wish I was a little further along so that I could join those who are still playing in their level 50, 90, and 130 dungeons, but I think I’ve got at least another week before I’m able to participate so hopefully there are still players looking for groups in global chat.

I’m not only eager to see what dungeons are like in Tree of Savior, but I’m also curious to see what the community is like in that environment, especially right now when the initial wave of players has died down and we have yet to experience the surge of the full free to play launch, something I am not looking forward to. Chat channels right now are your typical mix of gold sellers (although that’s quieted down), new player questions, and trolls; lots of trolls (all of which can be experienced in one of four different languages on Orsha!) That’s pretty standard MMO global chat though, I want to know what the community is like on that more personal level of being in a party and having a common goal.

Other than figuring out what happened to my missing quest line in Orsha and hopefully reaching 50 soon so I can try a dungeon, I don’t have many other goals or objectives to list for the game; no plans for tomorrow other than to keep plodding through quests and maps and exploding plant monsters, unlocking more skills, more attributes, and more classes along the way. It’s not a complicated game making it difficult to find things to write about; very little about the gameplay changes or expands after your first few maps. But it is fun and it’s the game I look forward to playing each night so that has to count for something, right?



2 thoughts on “Continuing My Adventures in Tree of Savior as a Cleric

  1. Thanks for detailing your journey through this game. I just reached level 39 myself. I have arguably spent more time reading about class choices than actually playing the game, so I should not have been so surprised when I ran out of level-appropriate quests yesterday. I’m also shooting for that level 50 dungeon, and I’m excited to make the push this weekend!

    Which class do you think you’ll pick next for your Cleric? I am trying to make choices based on things I personally care about (costume, skill type, class flavor) while still arming myself with knowledge that may or may not ever come into play. For instance, I cannot see myself every reaching the highest levels, so “Earth Tower” and the class choices that excel there might as well be pure fable, but I still find myself hesitant to pick the next class I want (Psychokino) because it’s primarily being billed as PVP centric in a game where I primarily want to see dungeons.

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  2. After the first week I was at level 44 as a Quarrel Shooter (I had a lot of extra time that week) but was stuck grinding levels and couldn’t get into the class I chose. So I started over, spending time with each base class and settled on Cleric. I’m going for Monk which is a bit of a pain because you have to stat for strength but nothing else really benefits from it until you actually branch into Monk so my damage is poor. But I want to have a lot of the cleric support abilities (buffs and debuffs) so that I can be a dps with a lot of utility.

    The Psychokino is a Wizard class right? I’ll have to look into it; I don’t know anything about that one. I liked the base Wizard class but I couldn’t decide where to go with it but it was a lot of fun to play, earthquake is one of my favorite abilities in the game.


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