Reviewing Goals for March 2016

March was my first month setting specific gaming goals and not surprisingly it was a mixed bag of success. A few goals were accomplished, many were not, but overall I think I developed a better strategy for deciding on what (and how much) to pursue each month.

The Secret World

I had the most success in The Secret World this month. I spent a lot of time with my Cabal running dungeons and chatting in our channel and even on Team Speak (which I’m always nervous to join for some reason). I didn’t make it through issue 11 however, in fact I don’t think I even made it through issue 9 and I had to make some adjustments to my gear upgrading goals. About halfway through the month I realized that upgrading my glyphs were more important than the gear itself so that I would reach the hit cap for nightmare dungeons as well as improve my penetration. So while I did not get the three pieces of gear listed below to 10.4, I was able to get their nightmare glyphs upgraded that much.

  • Get to know my new Cabal better and participate in group events
  • Finish Tokyo through Issue 11
  • Obtain QL 10 custom purple gear for all slots
  • Upgrade Head and Major Talismans to QL 10.4
  • Complete all dungeons on Elite difficulty
  • Get the last auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher


Ah, Trove. I thought you would become this second major focus for me this month and I also must have imagined that I would quit my job to play you full time because holy cow did I give myself way too much to do here and managed to accomplish exactly none of it! I think shortly after my last post on Trove I played for about a day or two more before dropping it once again. It was a fun visit to a game I really enjoy but it was nothing more than a quick trip then back on my way to other pastures.

  • Level Chloromancer to 20
  • Upgrade caster gear to shadow 5
  • Complete first two floors of Shadow Tower weekly
  • Earn 25,000 Cubits for Dragon Coin Tome
  • Obtain Azulian Dragon


Black Desert Online

I think I managed to log in daily for about a week or two before it became tedious. I tried to put a little more time into the game as well, exploring the world a bit more and completing a couple of quests but in the end I never felt the attachment to BDO that so many others seem to feel. I think it’s still partly due to how poorly my machine runs the game but it’s also this sense I get of having accomplished nothing whenever I log off. I don’t think I’m meant for games without developer provided objectives, achievements, and fast travel. I’m task oriented and spending fifteen minutes to travel from one area to the next is not a task I enjoy.

  • Log in daily to complete hunting dailies


Blade and Soul

Tried it, enjoyed it, got bored around level 15 much like I did with my other two characters in Blade and Soul. It’s a really pretty game though and the combat system is a nice change of pace, the game just isn’t sticky for me is all.

  • Try the new Warlock class

Life is Strange

I didn’t make it all the way through chapter one, in fact I don’t think I made it very far at all. I didn’t realize how long the chapters would take to complete when I set this goal for myself so I’ll have to account for that going forward. It’s a beautiful game though and it certainly has me intrigued however these narrative driven games are not my favorite; I like story well enough but not as a primary feature.

  • Get through Chapter 1


Well, that’s how March concluded for me. Like I said it was a mixed bag of successes and failures but a lot of learning on my part for April. Speaking of April, tomorrow I’ll lay out my goals for the month and see if I can set my expectations a little closer to what I can realistically accomplish in thirty days of gaming.


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