Tree of Savior… Sure, Why Not

This weekend I experienced quite the moral conundrum, should I buy Stardew Valley so that I might have a chance of sitting at the table with the cool kids, or should I save myself the sleepless nights farming leeks and the embarrassment at failing to romance even digital, fictitious women (the fact that I’m married is evidence that there is a God and that he does perform miracles… No really, I’m serious.) I watched several videos on the game and I have to say, parts of it look really exciting. But much like Black Desert, Stardew Valley also appears to be a huge time sink, something I’m not looking for at the moment.

While going back and forth—should I, shouldn’t I… oh wait, they have beards!—I found myself perusing Steam and stumbling onto the home page for Tree of Savior. I’ve heard of the game and read a few articles on it in the past but never gave it much attention. However after watching a few videos it looked kind of interesting. The graphics were nostalgic and quite beautiful, the combat appeared to be satisfying, and there were a myriad of classes to choose from. And then low and behold, for $10 I could have access to it on the 29th of March which was only a week away. Somehow my decision on whether or not I should purchase Stardew Valley concluded with me buying into Tree of Savior instead. Go figure.

Since then I’ve had a little more time to look into the game (not much, mind you) and I’ve watched an introductory video by MMO Bomb as well as several videos demonstrating the class abilities for the Swordsman, Archer, Wizard, and Cleric and all their offshoots. After all of that I still can’t say much more other than the fact that it looks fun, it’ll be a little different from anything else on my playlist, and I think I should have no problem playing causally. Plus, $10 is a small price to pay to gain access to a game for a full month before the F2P crowd arrives.

Currently I think I’m going to roll an archer because out of all the base classes it has some of the most interesting advanced classes (or whatever they’re called in this game). My favorite at the moment is the Falconer, because falcons. But there’s also a crossbow wielding class that can plant a stationary shield in the ground to fire from behind, one of the best trap-centric classes I’ve ever seen with explosives and Indiana Jones style wooden spikes, and then even a pistol wielding class that appears to enter combat exclusively while mounted. I think for each base class there are at least 10 more advanced but I believe you can combine them as well in some fashion although I really haven’t done my homework yet on this one.

Suffice it to say I’m excited about another game launching this spring (can we slow down a minute, MMO genre?) and with only one week left before it goes live, I won’t have to wait for long. Are any of you looking to play Tree of Savior? Whether you are or not, what do you think of the art style and class design?


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