A Way to “Catch Up” in TSW

I have an idea for “catching up” in The Secret World that I want to run by other players. I was listening to Beyond the Veil for the first time (great podcast by the way!) and I heard a few suggestions on grinding XP and Black Bullion, the two things I need the most in order to improve my gear and AEGIS skills.

I’m think about taking a break from Tokyo for a few days or even a week and queuing for Shambala several times daily, repeating the nightmare missions in Transylvania (and any other XP grinding routes), and completing the daily and weekly dungeon challenges.

Any thoughts? It’s probably unnecessary and just a personal preference, but I would feel better about questing in Tokyo and preparing for upcoming Issue releases if I had a big leg up on my glyph and talisman upgrades and the AEGIS skill lines. Most of all, I’d like to have my gear and glyphs settled at around QL 10.4 so that I can focus on AEGIS upgrades. All that XP would also help me finish off the ability wheel.

I prefer to finish one thing before starting another and all these systems overlapping before I’ve finished any of them is driving me crazy.


3 thoughts on “A Way to “Catch Up” in TSW

  1. I think you are too much into “completing” stuff at the moment. The game doesn’t work like that. Lines of thought:

    – Of course you can focus on completing the skill wheel. Is there still anything essential you miss for your current gameplay? If yes, focus on that. If no, the wheel will slowly completel itself by just playing.

    – If you now grind to complete the wheel, that just means you’re that much faster at the situation where you still gain XP, have maximum AP and no other way to spend it than Augments. And that one can eat BBs like crazy.

    – What content do you need that high end equipment for? Equipment progression was much slower in old times, and that included Tokyo. The change of the currency system is less than a year old, the challenge system is even much newer.

    – You should not run into any problems with the gear you have by now in any of the normal content. That can be done in “all green” with the occasional purple from completing the storyline and some of the issues.

    – You are far above what we used to start out with for nightmare dungeons. The old-time requirement for NM dungeons was: “Be in all QL10 blue and have a reasonable glyph setup.” (After all, NM dungeons were the only way to ever get purple gear. )

    – You are well above what we considered to be required for the New York Raid. For that one, the old rule was “all QL10.2”, and it was perfectly fine if all that equipment was random loot from dungeons.

    – The only content where equipment of higher QL basically is considered to be required are the new dungeons in Tokyo and the nightmare version of the New York Raid. But for each of those, you also need Aegis. So i personally would still stick to my advice of at least get one Aegis controller to QL9, so you can use QL9 capacitors. The rest of the Aegis equipment can be upgraded more slowly.

    – Finally: let me know when you are done upgrading your gear. For me personally (playing since launch), i think i might be done till the end of this year. Just like last year in spring, when i thought i could’ve been done till end of last year. I guess you understand what i mean. No matter what i do, there’s always more to get. I still have several non-custom weapons, my custom shotgun, pistols and book are at 10.4, but right now i upgrade a healrating/crit rating/crit power head talisman, to then buy and upgrade a health/crit rating finger talisman.

    So all it all it boils down to this: of course you can spend time and effort into upgrading your gear and completing your skill wheel, for the sake of doing so. If you want to get into range for the content for which you still are undergeared (nightmare new york raid, Tokyo dungeons) you will also want Aegis upgrades, so a pure focus on your normal equipment won’t get you there, either.

    Despite all of this, nothing will stop you from just upgrading gear and completing the skill wheel and if you have fun doing it, then absolutely go for it. But the moment it turns into any grid or tedium you should remember that you’re above the mark what you need for most content and are in no way forced to do any of the grinding you currently plan for yourself.

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    • I definitely don’t “need” the gear for nightmare dungeons at this point because my guild is so over-geared for the most part, but I don’t like the idea of being carried indefinitely so I’m at least trying to get my hit up so I’m not a wet noodle in combat.

      But more than that, I’m a completionist— that’s a big part of what draws me to MMOs. I like reaching level caps, filling in skill wheels, improving my gear as much as I can. It’s not about what I can do with the gear so much as it is obtaining the gear that’s my goal.

      And of course, it does make dungeons and Tokyo easier to have more fire power but other than one mission I’ve been progressing just fine as I am. So I think way I’m getting hung up on is all of a sudden I have multiple systems to upgrade and I’d like to improve them all but that’s going to take time and of course prioritizing where I’ll invest my AP/SP/BB first.

      I’ve actually been meaning to write about the gearing paradigm in TSW though and obtain gear for its own sake as a playstyle. I know this isn’t what you’re arguing (I don’t think) but I’ve seen people say “why do you need the gear if you’re not going to raid,” well, because raiding is not my goal but improving my gear is. It’s no more or less arbitrary than any other goal in an MMO. I love how TSW lets you play just about whatever you want and you can improve your gear. Some ways may be slower than others, but they are all legitimate.

      And then I am enjoying my time in Shambala right now and the missions I’m repeating daily. When I’m not I’ll change things up, but the activities themselves are fun and I’m getting 1-2 upgrade toolkits out of it every time I play this way so I’m definitely making progress. If not beforehand, im going to stop around 10.4 on my head and major talismans both with the gear itself and the glyphs then take a break before tackling my weapons and minors.


      • “I know this isn’t what you’re arguing (I don’t think) but I’ve seen people say “why do you need the gear if you’re not going to raid,” well, because raiding is not my goal but improving my gear is. ”

        You have guessed right, that was not what i was pointing at. I too well understand the goal of improving your gear for the fun of it, without having the utter “need” to do so.

        My point simply is that TSW not only allows you to progress in several aspects in parallel, but also (at least for the way i play) encourages you to spread out. For almost anything you do, the game rewards you in several ways, so it’s advantageous if you still can use the complete variety of rewards. 🙂

        Of course, that’s a personal impression and might be colored by the fact that in games i generally rather dabble in several aspects and reach a “sweet spot” there, instead of focusing on one aspect and leaving something else painfully behind.


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