Too Many Games

I have this cycle where I find a new game I’m really excited about and play it exclusively for at least a month or two before slowly introducing other games back into my rotation. Eventually I have more games I want to play then time to play them and I have to start making decisions on what to exclude; until I find that next new shiny game and start the cycle all over again.

The Secret World was that one game to rule them all back in November and has been ever since. I did start to slow down a little though when I gave Blade & Soul a try and then again now that Black Desert is out. That said, I’ve also picked up momentum in TSW now that I’m able to run dungeons, have a guild, and gained access to Tokyo.

To throw more MMOs into the mix, I logged in to Trove last night to keep my account name (apparently 5 days past the deadline; I tried) and I’d like to start playing it again. I’m really impressed by the new class designs and would like to try the PvP and Shadow Towers; maybe try my hand at arena design in my club world.

There’s also The Elder Scrolls Online and Lord of the Rings Online sitting on my hard drive, not to mention a few single player games I intended to play. So what to do? Well, time to start making the tough decisions, that’s what. For starters, TSW isn’t going anywhere. That’s my main game and the number one reason I want to cut some other activities out is because I’m only logging in a couple times a week right now and I’d like to invest more time into my guild and my character.

Black Desert is my biggest concern. It’s a game that demands a lot of time and is the main culprit for why I’ve been playing TSW less than I would like. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Black Desert, it’s just not very good for short play sessions as a secondary title. So I think for now I’m going to set BDO aside. I may continue to log in for a few minutes each day to complete one or both of the hunting dailies but that’s it for now. The advantage to it being B2P is that the game will still be there whenever I do want to invest more time into it.

Blade & Soul is the next on the chopping block. I’m going to leave it on my hard drive this time but I’m going to stop playing for now. I think I leveled up to 17 or 18 on the new Warlock and it was a lot of fun but nevertheless it’s the obvious choice for something to drop. Instead I think I’m going to start playing Trove again as it’s far more suited to casual play than Black Desert and I’m already more invested in the game than I ever was with Blade & Soul. I have no real plans to upgrade my shadow gear (it’s a bit of a grind at this point; I’m already at a mix of shadow levels 3 and 4), just to advance all the classes I have yet to reach level 20 with.

And I think that will be it. I really would like to play more of LOTRO, and ESO is perpetually the game that looks amazing but just falls short of my “things to play” list. Maybe once I’m further along into TSW and waiting for the new issues like many of the veteran players I’ll make more time for some of these other titles but that’s going to be a while so for now my focus remains on HivePro and The Secret World with a little bit of Trove on the side.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Games

  1. I have the problem of too many games also. Especially, since The Division is out, but I finally started The Witcher 3 and I still have things to do in Destiny. I’d also love to get back to Eve, but that is definitely too much.

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    • It’s a good problem to have, it means there’s still a lot of quality games being made and/or maintained. But it’s also hard to decide what to focus on and what to set aside. I’m kind of glad there aren’t any more major MMO releases I’m looking forward to, it means I can focus on my existing backlog.


  2. Serious case of first world problems. I know the same, and I came to similar results. TSW as main game, GW2 as “popcorn” MMO on the sideline, with a little of Elite Dangerous mixed in, usually one evening a week.

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    • Yes, definitely not the end of the world. And really that’s why I stop and make intentional decisions about what to exclude because this is a first world luxury and I don’t want it to become a disproportionate amount of my time. There are many other things, most of which are far more important, that I need to be focused on, like family for example.


  3. Always in the same boat. Don’t even get me started on the single player games I’m not playing.

    I really wanted to invest more time into BDO, but then my sister and brother-in-law started FFXIV, so I’ve been putting my focus into that game more often than not. FFXIV always seems to be the game that keeps its hooks into me. My gaming partner plays, my family is playing now, and I’m a guild leader, so I need to be around to keep things moving smoothly. Plus I have so many goals I want to reach in the game still, I just can’t seem to walk away.

    Not that’s it’s a bad thing! I like having that one stable MMO home after hopping around for so many years. I know I’ll get into BDO when time permits. I still have horses to tame! 🙂

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