The Gatekeeper and Nightmare Polaris

After a few days of playing Black Desert and Blade & Soul I finally spent an evening in The Secret World last night. It was a productive one too; I managed to defeat the gatekeeper, complete my first nightmare dungeon, upgraded my head talisman to 10.4, crafted 5 purple glyphs, and even popped into a PvP zone for the first time.

The gatekeeper is an NPC that must be defeated before a player can enter the nightmare difficulty dungeons. There are three different encounters, one for each role in group content—tank, healers, and dps. I’ve been playing exclusively as a damage dealer while I learn the dungeons so I challenged the “Furia” gatekeeper. This wasn’t my first attempt; I had tried earlier in the week but realized I needed a few more skills to be able to handle some of the mechanics in stages two and three. The first stage is all about movement, circles of death are dropped on the ground and you have to keep moving out of them or you will die instantly. I was able to accomplish this without much difficulty even before I started looking up information on the fight. It’s your basic “don’t stand in bad” mechanic.

The second stage requires purging a buff on the gatekeeper before he completes a spell that will instantly kill your character. This was where I ran into a wall on my first attempt and had to stop so that I could research the encounter. Once I knew how to purge the buff, the second stage went smoothly as well. However the third stage killed me the first time I managed to get that far. The gatekeeper summons an add you have to stay away from while continuing to attack the gatekeeper. I had a movement skill which helped, but I ended up needing a hinder as well to slow down the creepy little dude. During my second attempt last night I was able to keep my distance and drop the gatekeeper completing the challenge.

When I mention my success in guild chat, a few of the members of my Cabal put a group together so I could get into my first nightmare dungeon, Polaris. We actually ran through the whole thing three or four times so that I could collect nightmare glyph kits and black bullion to continue improving my gear. The fights weren’t all that different from the elite version with a few exceptions and by the end of our time I had 5 kits which means I only need three more to glyph everything. Those runs also netted me enough black bullion to upgrade my head talisman two more times putting me at 10.4. Next I’ll start upgrading the major talismans and then the weapons.

Once that was over with I had a little time left so I looked at the challenge journal to see if there was anything else on the daily list I could knock out. One of the challenges was to complete two side missions in Fusang, a PvP zone, so I figured I would give it a try. I was able to complete the two missions and get the challenge credit but the zone itself was kind of boring. Maybe it was a slow night or perhaps there is a faction imbalance because most of my time was spent running around with four or five other Templar with several minutes passing before we would see anyone of the opposite faction. I still managed to die at least twice so that’s something.

Other than the uneventful PvP session, it was a fun night and I accomplished a lot. My gear is getting much better and with the amount of black bullion I am able to accumulate from running those nightmare dungeons it shouldn’t take long to have most if not all talismans and weapons at 10.4. However I still haven’t spent a lot of time in Tokyo yet so I think I’m going to slow down on the group content the next few times I play and focus on getting through more of Issue 9.


6 thoughts on “The Gatekeeper and Nightmare Polaris

  1. Seems like you’re now going full throttle ahead. I still remember how it took us evening after evening just to beat the first few bosses of Polaris, to finally get the gear to be able to just attack one of the later bosses. (And again I feel like I can give the grumpy old man. 😀 )

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  2. Anyway, congrats and good work on the writeup of the Gatekeeper. There’s many people out there who just consider it a “stepping stone”, without bothering for more. Understanding what it is teaching seems to make you an oddity these days. 😀

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    • I enjoyed the encounter. I ended up needing a few outside resources but I didn’t have to change my build entirely, just swap out a couple of abilities. Once I have the gear I’m going to try for the other two versions as well.


      • No, you won’t. Unless you plan to level up other characters. The fight with the gatekeeper is there only till you defeated him the first time, no matter which path you used. You have won, you have earned the permission to do nightmare dungeons, he moved away from the spot he blocked and you can’t fight him again on the same character.

        But alas, I think you’ve defeated him on the hardest path, anyway. 🙂

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