AEGIS… I Kind of Like It

I’ve been in Tokyo for about a week now, but I have only been able to complete a handful of missions due a lot of group content with my new guild and time spent in other games like Black Desert and Blade and Soul. Nevertheless, that’s been long enough for me to get a taste of the dreaded AEGIS system and I’ve got to say… I kind of like it.

For those unfamiliar with the additional combat mechanic introduced with Issue #9, the AEGIS system provides the player with color coded controllers that attach to each weapon; red, blue, and purple. Mobs in Tokyo have the expected health bar but each one also has an AEGIS shield that must be damaged first before dps will affect the targets regular health pool. The colored controllers on your weapons must match the color of the shield on the mob and some mobs have layers of shields, each a different color and all of which must be destroyed and in order.

Practically speaking this means each of your weapons will have a red, blue, and purple controller (you are only given enough for one weapon at the start but receive the others as mission rewards later on) with a hot key that allows you to cycle through them independently for each weapon. When you encounter a mob you’ll have to match your weapon color to their shield color and deplete the HP of the shield followed by the HP of the mob. Not only that, but so far I’ve found the mobs in Tokyo to be much more demanding than previous areas of the game, meaning there is a lot of strafing and dodging to stay out of telegraphs while chipping away at AEGIS shields and switching to the correct color on mobs with multiple shields.

I can understand why some people aren’t fans, I mean it does increase the time to kill and it is one more thing to fuddle with during combat. Perhaps over time I’ll start to feel the same way, but for now it’s upped the challenge of combat in TSW to a point where I’m eagerly looking to pick a fight. Not too much of a fight mind you; at this point with my build and gear I can handle two mobs, maybe three but any more than that and I’m toast.

But that’s one of the things I like about The Secret World. The missions are already longer affairs than the average MMO quest and as such I just have the mindset of hunkering down for the long haul once I start. It’s not unusual for me to die during a mission, often several times. Overcoming a challenge, whether it is a stealth based sabotage mission or a tough fight, that’s just what I expect from the game. In a way, Tokyo and the AEGIS system have brought the difficulty of combat back up on par with the challenges you face with investigation and sabotage missions, something I haven’t really felt since Solomon Isle.



4 thoughts on “AEGIS… I Kind of Like It

  1. Wow! You are the very exception here. I mean, I don’t mind Aegis, I learned to live with it and it doesn’t trouble me any more. But I also use an addon (AegisHUD) to give me a better user interface, as I find the default one to be lacking. (That is without using the auto-switch mechanic, which I find unpractical. )

    Considering the position of other bloggers ( and ) you might be the pink unicorn here… 😀

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    • From what I understand things have changed from when it was first released (like getting your second set of controllers all at once from the tower defense mission) but I don’t quite understand why even that was a problem. Did you not start off with one of each color or something? I had enough right out the gate for one weapon to have all three and I just made sure that weapon had a good builder and consumer to get me through the shields.

      I think some of it comes down to the individual’s difficulty level “sweet spot” as well as tolerable time to kill. If the fight’s interesting (like a raid boss with mechanics) I don’t mind a longer fight. If it’s stand and hit something for 2 minutes with no risk of death then yeah, that’s boring. But so far Tokyo has me dancing all over the place avoiding damage and I really have liked the boss fights where you have to peel back multiple layers, especially once I had both sets of controllers (which was after I wrote this).

      And I haven’t upgraded anything yet because I’m not sure how to. I have been getting these canisters with keys that I think are related to AEGIS but I don’t know what to do with them just yet. I’m still able to make it through the missions though.

      Maybe after a few weeks of using the system I’ll get bored but from what I understand I should be able to dps through shields quicker with the upgrades so that should balance things out. I think it does make more sense as a dungeon and raid mechanic but honestly, I’m enjoying the challenge in Kaidan.

      Combat was getting to that “go through the motions” stage and so I happily embraced an opportunity to be engaged again. It makes the world “scary” like when you first roll up on to Solomon Isle. You have to be careful where you walk because you can easily be outgunned.


      • What has changed on Aegis since launch:

        – At any time you started with three controllers, so the full set for one weapon. Now you also get a second set of three controllers from Tower Defense instead of having to repeat the mission to get all three types.

        – Changing Aegis outside of combat doesn’t trigger the cooldown any more.

        – You can skill faster swapping with skillpoints since a few weeks after launch.

        – Since the currency system rework, the upgrade kits for controllers can be bought for Black Bullion, making it much easier to get them.

        – Capacitors by now can be disassembled for research data (applied immediately to your active controllers). This mostly means that outdated capacitors bound to the character and otherwise worthless looted capacitors now have some use.

        – People learned to use the capacitors and how much of a boost they give. This is no “news” in term of changes in game, but considering how some people react to having low damage when starting out with the new system, i consider it very essential to repeat telling that you can quickly fix this “problem” by buying a few cheap capacitors from the AH. (QL0 by now is insanely expensive, but QL1 can be bought for cheap. So you have to soldier through a short time till you have enough research data to upgrade your first controller. )

        – The weak UI still exists, but already soon after launch people made addons to give you a better interface. By now these addons have a lot of unnecessary stuff (e.g. autoswitching), but i still dare to say, only the better interface from the modding people made me come to good terms with Aegis, instead of finding it very cumbersome.

        But yes, I guess a lot of the problem is personal attitude. Just like you I remember when Solomon Island actually was hard. (Insert some Yorkshiremen reference… ) But unlike others, who went to Egypt to get better gear, so they could handle Blue Mountains, I didn’t break the order and (intentionally (*)) overgear myself, but refined my setup so I was able to handle the enemies with the gear available in the zone.

        So you might be right, there’s a difference in attitude. Some people rather quit when things get a little harder, others adjust. On the other hand, I also dare to say that once your Aegis equipment increases a little, fights there get incredibly easy. In general, enemies with Aegis shields have less health below the shields than similar enemies in Transylvania. Once you reach the point where the shields of most enemies go down in one or two hits, killing is faster in Tokyo than in Transylvania.

        *:Within Blue Mountains, on the other hand, I once fought myself through the Quarry, as one mission took me there. I had no idea that the mission was intended to be done in a group, but while finding it very hard I fought my way through. When leaving, I had plenty of QL10 equipment, which I wasn’t even able to use yet, but resulted in me being overgeared till somewhere far in Transylvania with equipment I got in Blue Mountains. 😀


  2. I’m STILL in the freaking New England area (blame other games and lack of attention span), but I’ve read a lot about this whole AEGIS thing to the point where information conflicts.

    I’ll take your write-up as the most current, but I’ll also just have to defer to my own experience at this point. Which, at my rate of play, will be sometime in 2130 when this game is being kept online via an emu.

    …and I will also be 149 years old. Which is entirely possible. Vampires will be a thing by then, yes?


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