The Secret World Dungeons and a New Guild

This past week I reached two of the goals I have for The Secret World in March—I finished all 8 of the elite dungeons required before players can challenge the gatekeeper and start running nightmare difficulty content and I purchased the last QL10 purple talisman I needed to have a full set of gear that I can now begin to upgrade. The gear I was fully expecting to complete relatively soon; I only needed one more piece. But the dungeons I expected to take quite a while because of the challenge and my need to learn the fights via internet resources before jumping in with a random group to complete them.

That’s when The Hive Protocol stepped in. HivePro is the guild I joined just this week and during my second night in game after joining the guild I was invited to do a random elite dungeon. “Sure,” I said, and joined the five man group. The player who invited me did so and then actually stepped out of the group so that I could participate. What I didn’t know was that I wasn’t eligible for a random elite having never completed them all individually.

(Side note: this is kind of an odd quirk if you ask me. I can select all eight of the dungeons individually and get in one randomly, but I can’t use the “randomizer” feature for those eight elite dungeons until I’ve completed them all regularly. They are two separate systems but functionally the same.)

Once this was discovered I apologized and offered to bow out but instead the group unanimously decided to run me through the remaining four dungeons that I needed. And it wasn’t just that first group of four people either. No, when one of them had to call it a night someone else from the guild would hop in so that we could continue our progress. Within a couple of hours I had not only finished all four of the dungeons I needed but I was also able to complete the original goal of queueing up for an elite dungeon via the randomizer. This is a daily challenge with extra rewards for players in TSW and now I can do it daily along with everyone else.


Now I need to defeat the gatekeeper so that I can join with my guild in nightmare dungeons as well, but defeating the gatekeeper is a solo affair; something I’ll need to overcome by myself. Still, it’s nice knowing I have a great group of people to do group content with and I hope to have many opportunities to repay their generosity with some of my own in the future.


6 thoughts on “The Secret World Dungeons and a New Guild

  1. “No, when one of them had to call it a night someone else from the guild would hop in so that we could continue our progress. Within a couple of hours I had not only finished all four of the dungeons I needed but I was also able to complete the original goal of queueing up for an elite dungeon via the randomizer.”

    Clearly your cabal got a bigger rooster than mine. My cabal tends to do the very same for new members, but we usually need two to three evenings, since we usually don’t have enough “spare” members to do the rotation you describe.

    Anyway, greet the gatekeeper from me before beating him up. (I still had to face him in all blue equipment and it took me a while to win. Oh, these youngsters, having purple gear even before facing the gatekeeper… *grumpy old man* *grin* )

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    • I don’t think it’s a very large guild, but I forget the overall total. Maybe 100 characters or less? At any rate, new people were logging on around the times other people were logging off and it was a pretty seamless affair.

      And I actually did greet the gatekeeper last night. And took a good beating for it too before I stopped being stubborn and looked up a guide. I couldn’t get past the second phase because I didn’t have a purge. I have one now though so I’ll give it another try some night soon.


      • I wish you good success on the second attempt. 🙂

        And on 100 characters, that number tells little. I still have an alt in a Cabal with over 400 characters inside. I rarely use that alt, and when looking at that cabals log can see that some of the characters there are sometimes online, but never do I see one other character of that Cabal online on the rare occasion that I log my alt.

        The more interesting question is, how many active players a Cabal has. This is harder to determine. For my Cabal I can only tell for the time I usually am online, but our usual peak is about 10 people online at one time on Sunday evening. (That’s why we always do lair bosses on Sunday evening. Not everybody in Cabal is suitable or interested in the New York raid, but everybody can still use the reward for the weekly challenge of lair bosses. )

        Which again reminds me that I recruited a new member yesterday, when everybody else was already in bed and I was about to drop there, too. Now we have three American members, I hope it turns out well for him, but he said he’s usually around early and things should work out. We’ll see.

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      • Glad to hear your guild is growing! We have a pretty steady stream of players coming and going during the hours I’m available so regardless of overall members, there’s enough concurrent activity to easily throw a 5 man together for the elite daily challenge just about every night.


    • I’ve beat his tank challenge in green gear on an alt, though I did it in blue on my main character. Never could get the hang of his dps challenge, even though I’d geared for it on the alt and could easily parse the numbers I needed, just… never quite got the fight’s flow down. Never even tried the healing challenge — I just am not a good healer in TSW.

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      • Healing challenge is actually the easiest of them all. Mind you, when I first did it, I was in all QL10 blue and still needed several tries. But that was more a thing of lack of information. It took me a little to learn about the DoT the boss uses and that you have to bring a cleanse. Also I failed several times keeping up the “group”, as you don’t have a group window there. Only after going into the games options and switching on health bars over friendly targets.

        But after bringing a cleanse and adjusting the user interface, the healing challenge very easy. As you can keep your distance and just heal, it’s quite easy to navigate around the circles.


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