Back to Blade & Soul

When last I wrote about Blade & Soul, I had uninstalled the client with no expectation of returning. Black Desert was launching soon and while I enjoyed B&S I couldn’t see it competing for my time with everything else I was playing or planning to play.

Then they announced the Warlock class.

I had no idea there were more classes to the game, let alone how quickly they would be added to the NA version. Even with the launch of Black Desert officially starting this week I went ahead and added the Blade & Soul client back to my hard drive and gave the new class a try. I’m not going to write much on it yet since I’ve only played through the first 8 levels but so far my experience has been a good one.

For a ranged, caster class it plays really well in the action combat setting with knock backs, roots, and of course ranged, damage dealing spells. My only disappointment is that the pet is temporarily summoned and stationary like a turret. Maybe that will change when I unlock different abilities but if not it’s okay because the combat is still so satisfying.

Below are a few screenshots of my character. I forgot to take pictures of the pet as well so I’ll try to remember that for next time. I also failed when trying to get a screen shot of this over powered aoe ability on a long cool down called Dragon’s Call. The animation is great. It’s an elaborate cast during which you cannot move but as the Warlock completes the spell he turns his back to the enemy, raises his hand (to snap his fingers?) and then -BOOM- he one-shots just about everything in range.

The Warlock is a lot of fun and if you like ranged casters who use crowd control abilities to cripple and overpower their enemies I would recommend giving this class a try.




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