Repeatable Missions

One of the features I’ve really enjoyed in The Secret World is the ability to replay all of the missions in the game with the exception of the main story missions. I can’t think of any other game I’ve played that has opened up everything for players to revisit the way Funcom has. Dailies are a staple for several MMOs but they are always a small library of quests available to repeat and their relevance is typically negated by the latest expansion. A game like World of Warcraft would struggle with this due to the severe power creep as players level but with stat scaling like what Star Wars: The Old Republic has introduced more games would be able to do something along these lines. The following are some of the reasons why I love this feature and why I wish more MMOs would emulate it.


I don’t always catch everything about the stories told in MMOs the first time I’m playing through them and having the option to repeat a mission allows me to go back through and catch what I missed. I really wish The Secret World allowed for the main story to be repeated for this reasons without having to start an alt because there are a lot of great moments and characters that I either missed some information on or would just like to revisit a second time.

Other times it’s not that I missed anything, it’s simply that I enjoyed the story and would like to experience it again. Recently I went back to Kingsmouth with my main character, knowing full well that the AP, SP and BB I would accumulate would be much less than in other places but I simply wanted to experience it all for a second time while still investing in the progression of my main character.


This is especially true of games with cinematics attached to their quests, but sometimes you’re playing through a mission and miss a screenshot opportunity that cannot be recaptured unless you are able to start the mission over again. I’ve completed The Last Train to Cairo mission three or four times now and while I’ve tried to get a few good screen shots at the end when my character kicks the prophet of Aten off the train, I’m still waiting for that perfect picture. Thankfully, I’ll have as many opportunities as I need to make that happen.


Eventually, a game is going to run out of new content for players to run through and having a few daily zones for characters at max level is going to get old, real fast. This was one of the reasons why I didn’t play WildStar very much after reaching the level cap because the number of zones and dailies were so few and I quickly tired of repeating them. Eventually I may get to that same point with The Secret World but having an entire game’s worth of missions open to revisit is going to take much longer to exhaust than a handful of dailies. Sure, the rewards scale with the zones and so playing in Kingsmouth won’t net you the same progress as Carpathian Fangs or the later issues but if you want variety and are willing to slow your progress down a bit, it’s there for you.

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