How to Become a Member of the MMO Community

So you’ve been playing your very first MMO like World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic for some time now, perhaps even for several years and now you want to branch out and join the MMO community at large. Good for you! There’s no better time to be a part of this wonderful, ever expanding community of individuals who love MMOs of all kinds. But you don’t want to be just a faceless number do you? Of course you don’t, you want to be recognized as one of those community members who’s “in the know.” When you talk about the genre you want to do so intelligently and to garner respect from your peers. If this is you, then there are a few simple steps you need to follow to become a part of this elite, inner circle.


You’ve been playing a traditional MMO for a few months, perhaps even more than a year but you’re still rather new to the genre. Unfortunately this puts you at a disadvantage. Having a pedigree that predates vanilla WoW is important if your opinion is going to be taken seriously. However no cause for alarm, just make it up! That’s right, even if you’ve never heard of Ultima Online, Everquest, or Star Wars Galaxies be sure to reference them as much as possible and allude to the fact that you too were playing MMOs “back in the day.” You may want to do a little research so that you aren’t completely ignorant of your claims but when in doubt just make it up. If an actual veteran questions your knowledge just insult their parentage or personal hygiene to prove your superior knowledge of some of the most historically notable MMOs.

Know the Issues

Having established your pedigree within the MMO community your next step will be to cultivate an awareness of some of the key issues we’re facing in the genre. Business models, cash shops, the sandbox versus theme park debates, and many other concerns should be the bulk of your conversation on Twitter, reddit, and in the comments on sites like Massively OP. And it’s not enough to simply be aware of these issues and to discuss them publicly, no, you must be absolutely livid about everything happening in the genre today. Imagine every developer, publisher, and MMO gamer has just kicked your puppy, insulted your mother, and drawn a moustache on your face while you slept before you set about writing on the most popular topics. So long as your opinion is an angry one, actual facts supported by sound arguments are unnecessary, possibly even a hindrance.


This last step may seem counter intuitive but it is quite possibly the most important step in establishing the credibility you need to be viewed as an upstanding member of the MMO community; you must spend all your time talking about MMOs but never actually playing them. Nothing will verify your claims to being an “old school” MMO player remembering the glory days and furious over the present state of the genre like never actually playing anything currently being offered. Given that you began this journey out of a sincere love of the game you were playing, this will be the most difficult step as well. However if you are serious about joining the MMO community at large and becoming one of the more respected members with legitimate opinions about the state of the genre, you’re going to have to give them up completely. It’s a difficult sacrifice to make to be sure, but when the masses are hanging on every word of your grumpy, miserable voice it will be well worth it.

Congratulations friend, you are now a shining example of the MMO community’s best and brightest!


8 thoughts on “How to Become a Member of the MMO Community

  1. Hehe… I guess the last part will ever prevent me from achieving the greater goal. I can fake as much as I want, but I don’t indent to quit playing… please help! 😀 😉

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  2. But I actually did play UO back in the day. Darn young whipper-snappers! Get off my digital lawn!

    Oh, wait. Most MMO now days don’t give you a digital lawn, do they? It’s all instanced… never mind.

    J/K 🙂

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    • “C.T. Murphy; kicking puppies and drawing moustaches since 1999.”

      If you strip away the satire and the hyperbole I think a lot of this applies to an alarming number of veterans of the genre; the dissatisfaction with the types of AAA MMOs being patched or published, a desire for multiple branches of design iteration on earlier titles (not just the survival of the fittest), and ultimately the abandonment of the genre. I questioned even publishing this simply because while I think satire has it’s place, there are many legitimate concerns with the trajectory of the genre and even if I’m not personally affected just yet, I see the writing on the wall.. Yes, even a “newbie” like me who thinks WoW’s Cataclysm expansion was a golden era may eventually find himself similarly homeless in another decade depending on how things evolve.

      That said, the person eager to join the broader MMO community? That was me a few years ago and I quickly jumped on so many bandwagons without stopping to think if I actually agreed with them or not. Some of that was wide-eyed curiosity, but the rest of it was a desire to “fit in” with the seasoned members of the community. Eventually I developed my own varied opinions without subconsciously being concerned about whether or not I would “fit in” which is why I no longer feel the need to hide the fact that I rather enjoy theme parks or that I hold a pretty liberal view of what cash shops should offer.

      It’s the nature of joining a new tribe; initially you mimic the behavior and viewpoints of the figureheads until eventually you feel comfortable enough to grow into your own worldview and role within the community.


      And then you stage a coup.

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    • No, nothing like that, haha. But I have seen my fair share of discontent with the genre; heated negative opinions and some people actually walking away from MMOs all together. Just a lot of separate instances with a few exaggerated stereotypes tossed in for good measure. Sometimes it’s good to step back and laugh at ourselves a bit though.


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