The Secret World: After Transylvania

Finishing all of the missions in Transylvania left me with a sense of uncertainty as to what to pursue next and how to continue improving my gear. I’m still trying to figure out the latter but I have started down a definite path with the former, although it took me a while to figure it out because the game sends you in a different direction. After completing the final story mission for Transylvania at the Templar headquarters a quick travel to Agartha prompted a new story mission for my character. Part of my confusion as to where to go next was this quest; I didn’t know what purpose it served or where it would lead so I didn’t know if I should complete it before or after tackling Issues 5-8.

The mission led me to a place called the Sunken Library where the council of Venice resides. I was asked by the council to complete a trial (or trials?) before I could move forward working with them. These trials were actually a collection of instanced scenarios that I believe were meant to test whether my gear and build were suitable for Tokyo. I didn’t figure this out until after trying and failing a couple of them, but once I did it was clear that I needed to play through the Issues preceding Tokyo and work on my gear through dungeons or whatever else I need to do to improve it.


The Truth is Out There.


One problem I’m having with The Secret World right now are the various systems involved with improving your character’s power. From Kingsmouth to Carpathian Fangs power levels increased by obtaining new pieces of gear with a higher QL and in some cases by adding glyphs to talismans or weapons that don’t already have them. By Transylvania gear included signet slots but with so few signets dropping from mobs or appearing as quest rewards I largely ignored their presence during my time in the area. So increasing power was relatively straight forward throughout Solomon Isle, Egypt, and Transylvania.

However now, I see that there is QL 10.1, 10.2, etc. gear and glyphs and from what I’ve read there are ways to upgrade these things but in game I have yet to come across anything explaining the process and even from the external resources I’ve read I’m still a little foggy on what to do. Additionally, I recently unlocked an augment wheel which modifies the abilities I’m using (from what I understand) but accessing them comes from drops and using them requires a large amount of AP.

Suddenly I have all these new systems to figure out for improving my character’s power level but without adequate in game explanation for the gearing process and not nearly enough AP to start the augments. I still have a large portion of my ability wheel to complete as well as auxiliary weapons (another additional system) that will require a lot of AP to utilize. With how confused I am already with where to begin, it’s no wonder the AEGIS system was not well received. The last thing this game needed was another layer of complexity to deck building and power increases.


Tackling the first boss fight in Issue #5.


For now I went ahead and started up Issue 5 about Tyler Freeborn and so far it’s been quite interesting. The return to Blue Mountains was actually a welcome experience as I’ve been missing the Solomon Isle zones for some time. I’m hoping by the time I work my way through Issue 8 I’ll have a better idea on the gearing process and will be on my way to completing the required scenarios to access Tokyo.

And Speaking of Solomon Isle, I also started a couple of alts this weekend to experience the story from the perspective of the two remaining factions (my main is a Templar). I don’t plan on investing much time into these characters just yet, especially with the amount of AP I’ll need to progress my main character, but on those evenings when I’d like a more casual session revisiting old missions and zones I’ll be playing my new Illuminati and Dragon. I’ve completed the tutorial portion for both of them, and I’ve progressed through Kingsmouth with both enough to have all my account bound items available and the frankenchopper quest completed which grants them the sprint VI speed boost as well. And can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed seeing Sherriff Helen Bannerman again?


“I changed my mind, I want to join the Templar!”




“Kingsmouth is beautiful this time of year, don’t you think?”


So far my reaction to both the Illuminati and the Dragon is that I’m glad my main is a Templar. However of the two I do think playing as an Illuminati will at least be interesting; the Dragon thus far have been bland and cliché with an introduction to the faction that was unnecessarily vulgar. Nevertheless, while I made little forward momentum this weekend in The Secret World I was able to at least determine a direction. My goals now are to finish Issues 5-8 on my main and hopefully come to a better understanding on how to improve my gear and to slowly work my way through Kingsmouth again as an Illuminati.


2 thoughts on “The Secret World: After Transylvania

  1. I hope that i managed to answer a lot of your questions in the other thread about your future in TSW yet. As this has a few additional questions, i try to answer them here:

    1. Do the Issue 5-8 before you head to Tokyo. Generally, play all issues in the order they came out, then the story fits together best. Also, i am looking forward for your posting in them, i find that some them are of even much higher quality than what you saw up to now.

    2. Mostly Disregard Augments. While they do give some additional power, their influence is low. The whole augment system was implemented as “something to give high end players a long term goal to work for”.

    Outside of this nice speech, augments were a hamster wheel for those who had nothing else to do any more. This is being made worse by the fact that augments can only be earned in the scenarios in the sunken library and they get repetitive and annoying quite fast.

    Thus my advise:
    – Do scenarios sparingly. I do them occasionally, but not in high numbers. As soon as i feel even slightly irritated, i finish and take a break.

    – Activating augments, so you can learn them, requires you to spend BBs. Those are much better invested in upgrading your gear. Only once all your gear is at QL 10.4 and you have BBs spare, since you don’t have the Mark of Patheons available to upgrade your gear any further, you might want to invest in activating augments. [You generally get more BBs than MoPs, so once all your gear is 10.4 or better and you need MoPs to upgrade, there will be some BBs spare which have no other use any more than to invest in augments. ]

    – The only exception of this are the very first augment in the damage and healing branch. (The only green ones. ) They give +30 of attack rating or heal rating per level, which is a permanent bonus for all abilities you use.

    So all in all, having both of them at level 5 is about the same as one free purple signet, one of the really expencive ones which would cost you 50 million of pax or more and thus cost far more than i even own. In contrast to the expencive signets, the green augments drop frequently in scenarios and also are available for very little money in the AH, so they might be worth the investment early on.

    – Almost all the other augments only affect the one ability they are attached to, and the bonus generally is not that big. I would not care for them until you have your skillwheel maxed, learned all abilities of your aux weapons and have BBs spare which you currently can’t use for upgrading your gear. As long as not all of those conditions are met, augments should be ignored and left for those players who need a hamster wheel. 🙂

    3. For the Aegis, it by itself is really not that complicated. Enemies now have shields, and only when your weapon has the correct aegis switched on (there are three of them) you can damage the shields and then kill the enemy.

    Problems arise from a few factors though:
    – Shields are not health. If your setup relies on healing by doing damage, you might suddenly feel yourself without healing. The all to common setup with Leeching Frenzy, which was the passive many people relied upon before Tokyo, suddenly gave no healing any more and got people killed in masses.

    – You start only with three aegis controllers, but need six of them to have one of each kind for your two weapons. The mission “Tower Defense” near where you arrive in Kaidan is specifically designed to give you more of them, but if you miss that mission and start doing other stuff, you will have a really hard time.

    – The User Interface for the Aegis is really bad. While there is a list of Addons for TSW which are nice to have, i would consider only this one to be essential to have:

    Consider installing it, it’ll make your life much easier in Toyko. (You don’t need to use all the extra features like autoswitching and the likes, but having a bar where you can click on which controlers you want active is much better than having obscure “next” and “previous” keyboard buttons which are extremely annoying and not helpful at all.

    “So far my reaction to both the Illuminati and the Dragon is that I’m glad my main is a Templar.”

    I very much agree. Say about the Templar what you want, but they are the only one who treat you with respect and as a human being. You are considered a soldier, but you are not abducted, not drugged and not given a dangerous implant to recruit you and keep you in line.

    Instead, you were invited to join. The warning that people who have no faction usually don’t survive for long might be a pointer there, but you still were allowed to make your own choice. (Those who decided not to turn up probably soon afterwards were abducted by the Dragon or some other organisation and brought in line and “to use” there… but obviously that’s not the story of a character who joined the Templar. )

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  2. I’ve only done Dragon now up to Transylvania and its not actually been that bad. Yes, the opening was a little weird, but past that, I’ve enjoyed it so far. I sort of prefer more neutral minded factions and Dragon does that pretty well. The aesthetics of Seoul are pretty amazing too. If I do it again, it’ll be as Templar…. probably 😀

    Thanks for the heads up on what to do after Mortal Sin. The one major downside I’d say this game has is communication and flow. I don’t mind that I have to look up hard quests I can’t figure out on my own, but when I’m deposited without clues and am expected to find the next step “somehow”, it feels…. “choppy”.


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