Temporary Weapons, No Thanks.

One of my pet peeves in an MMO is when they give you a weapon to replace your normal skill set and it’s cumbersome or boring. If I have stayed with a class for hours of gameplay it is because I like the way the combat plays out, so if a game is going to take me away from what I enjoy, it should be for something better (it never is). I understand wanting to change things up but seriously, make it interesting developers or don’t even bother.

You would think a game like Blade and Soul, which is praised for its combat more than any other feature would just avoid this all together or at the very least save it for later on in the game but nope, around level 10 the game was already handing me a one-click flame thrower to clear out mobs in a cave. That wasn’t the end of it either; over the next four levels I had to use two other temporary weapons—a spear gun and a torch—neither of which added much to the game. Thankfully the torch was more of an “opener” used to rack up a little damage before going into combat as usual but with everything still being fresh and every encounter an opportunity to solidify combos to muscle memory, I would much rather go about my business as usual.


“All clear sir, no demon crabs in sight on this beach.”


For this to have worked in Blade and Soul, I think the developers would have needed to play to their strengths by making a simple set of abilities that could be used in a combo. If I could have used my flame thrower in a series of abilities that ended up with a stun, knock back, or larger flame attack (and maybe damaged myself for messing up the combo? Flame throwers aren’t exactly safe to play with, kids) then I would have been okay with the change, but to take me out of an interesting combat system and give me the one-click wonder? No thanks. It should also happen much later in the leveling experience. I’m sure by the 30s and 40s players might welcome a secondary set of abilities attached to a new weapon to play around with. It would need to be usable for longer than a brief quest of “kill ten pandas” to be worthwhile and making it optional would also be a win in my book, but too early in the game and I don’t think players are ready for the change; I’m certainly not.

Am I the only one who feels this way? What do you all think about MMOs that make you use a different weapon and skillset than your typical class abilities?



4 thoughts on “Temporary Weapons, No Thanks.

  1. I just used that flamethrower last night and I loved it but then I always love a good flamethrower. I also saw it as just a quick and easy way to let you leave the dungeon without too much combat (although they could simply not have had the mobs spawn if that was the goal).

    So far, at level 10, I have seen absolutely nothing of B&S’s amazing combat. I switched over to hotbar clicking from the start and it plays just like any other MMO now. If there are combos I have no idea what they are – maybe I hit some by accident once in a while but if so I haven’t noticed. For me, good combat is when the system does 99% of the work and I just pick targets – actually I’m good without even having to do that. I’m curious to see at what point B&S requires me to pay attention and fight properly to make progress. Nosign whatsoever of that happening yet.


    • After I wrote this, I remembered the chainsaw in Kingsmouth I think in TSW and even though that was a really simple weapon (this one is temporary, not the same as the auxiliary version) it was very satisfying running through zombies with it. So I can see how the flame thrower might illicit that same response; I just personally was annoyed by it and generally am when games throw weapons or vehicles at me like that.

      Which class are you playing? I think at lower levels at least that makes a difference, I’m not sure later on. I’m using the B&S combat, not the hot bar version, and the Kung Fu master I started with had several combos, a couple of which require countering your opponents move first so it felt very involved. Not necessarily more complex than other MMOs , just different.

      However later when I tried a Blade Dancer and got the character to the same level it was nice and fluid compared to the KF master but it was boring. Combos were mostly right click spam and I would forget I even had half of my abilities. The one thing that could have been interesting was a stacking buff that at 3 opened up a powerful ability but it was dependent on crits and half the time one stack would drop off before I even got a second.

      Long story short, I felt very involved with one class but was quickly bored with the other despite its fluid animations.


  2. I always seemto hate these as well as they really don’t add much to combat. Guild wars 2 had some rather annoying moments with these. Every time it’s just slogging through to get control of my charatcer again.

    I do enjoy some of the random more non combat ones though. Like wildstar and either tagging or popping something. Just a quick click but they tended to overuse them after a while.


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