Black Desert Online: Castle Sieges

PvP is not my bag, baby, so it’s not the gameplay I’m looking forward to most in Black Desert. No, I plan on spending my time building boats, fishing, and running my goods from one side of the world to the other. But after learning a little more about castle sieges, I’m optimistic about the PvP that will be available whenever I want to give it a try. The following is by no means a comprehensive guide, just a few bullet points to help paint a picture of what castle sieges will be like in Black Desert. As always, keep in mind I’m just sharing from my own research; I have yet to get in the game myself.

  • Castle Sieges are large scale PvP battles fought between several guilds for temporary ownership of a castle. Castles reside in each region, usually near a city with a large populace. Holding a castle provides several benefits to the guild that wins, most notably a share in the local taxes applied to all goods sold in the nearby city. If you’re not in a guild, you can still participate in a siege (like a mercenary I suppose) but you will only get the benefits if your guild participates and wins.
  • If you’re not plaining on doing PvP in Black Desert, I wouldn’t let these taxes worry you. As near as I can tell, they are going to be a constant for all players—you will always get taxed by a guild when you do conduct trade in a town no matter what is happening with the local sieges so think of them as a constant rather than a PvP specific impediment. The only difference is who you’re paying; not whether you will pay or not. Think of it as being no different than when you are selling items on the auction house in any other game.
  • Castles have two gates—an inner and an outer—that need to be breached in order to gain control. These can be attacked by player characters as well as siege weapons. One of the most exciting aspects of Castle Sieges for me as someone uninterested in PvP, is that siege weapons can only be provided by crafters, which means if you’re a lover not a fighter, you can peacefully help your guild destroy their enemies.
  • For a castle siege to take place, at least three guilds need to set up a camp near the castle being breached. This is where members of the guild will rez after they have been killed so placement and defense of a guild’s camp is very important. Camps can be destroyed, slowing down your enemies by making them revive at the nearest town rather than at the castle. Castle owners will also have a camp; there’s will be inside and must be destroyed in order to win the day.

That should give you a basic idea of what to expect with castle sieges. They are very similar in gameplay with what you might experience in WvW in Guild Wars 2 with the main difference being the economic rewards for winning, the fact that sieges in BDO are not a part of a separate instance, and that they are a much shorter event, currently lasting about 2-3 days on Korean servers. I may not be on the front lines myself, but I will definitely be providing supplies and possibly weapons from the safety of my woodworking bench.



3 thoughts on “Black Desert Online: Castle Sieges

  1. The only thing that worries me – as it does in any sandbox – is how easy it will be for pastoral, gathering, crafting me to be randomly pounded in to paste by PvPtards (which are different from normal PvP players).

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    • There’s a couple of ways around that in this game (I think, anyway). First of all, gathering and crafting can be done by NPC workers you hire. You can go out and gather yourself (and I believe there are benefits in doing so) but you can also collect your materials passively without going into dangerous territory.

      Then secondly, players are only flagged for PvP at level 50 so you can use lower level alts to do your gathering. Because this is very much an account oriented game where all your characters work together toward one housing/crafting/horse breeding empire, the work one character does will go into the same warehouse that all characters work from. So you can have a combat character for PvP and gathering and trading characters you keep below level 50 for traversing the world.

      There may be limitations to both of these methods, but I think overall they at least allow you to keep making progress with your gathering and crafting if you happen to run into a nasty ganker camping your corpse or something.

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