More Character Creating Shenanigans in Black Desert

Last week I posted the characters I had made thus far with the stand alone character creator for Black Desert. This week I have a few more to share, none of which I’m likely to play (at least not right away) but I still had fun working on them. Without further ado, here are the new characters I made for the Ranger, Warrior, and Valkyrie classes.



The ranger went through several iterations before I arrived at something I really liked. She started with white skin and pinkish hair with lavender eyes; that was the initial theme I had planned. I had seen something similar on the website BDO templates (which if you like seeing what people have created, I highly recommend you check it out!) but once I replicated it myself I wasn’t happy with the results. I wanted to give her elven features so I made the face more angular and gave her quite a lot of height. I liked the final stature, just not the coloring.


For the second version I kept the facial structure the same but changed the color of the hair and eyes and added a large “birth mark” on her face that was really just a mask tattoo option that I adjusted the color and density on enough to make it look like a discoloration of the skin. I refer to this version as my “Night Elf Cosplayer” and would have been happy to play as this character (I still might) but then I decided to make a few more adjustments.


One of the other characters I saw on BDO templates that I really liked had a Native American appearance. That was my intent when I changed the hair and skin color but I didn’t like the way she looked with the face paint used in the original I based this one off of. However I did like the darker tones so I adjusted the facial structure quite a lot and then made the model much shorter than the elven versions so that she looked more “human” than the others. She still has pointed ears just not as pronounced. If I do play a ranger, this is the one I’m most likely to use.



I’ve seen other people try to use the character creator to replicate someone famous to varying degrees of success; the warrior was my first attempt to do likewise. I didn’t start with this goal in mind which is probably why it didn’t work. He was supposed to look like Mr. T but I don’t think the base model face I used was the best option. Trying to match the facial features and expression of Mr. T was much harder than I was expecting. As much customization as this game offers, you’re still quite limited by the preset faces. Nevertheless, I liked the way this guy turned out. If I don’t like how the Valkyrie plays, I’ll be using this as my Warrior character instead.

Valkyrie (Take Two)


I posted a picture of a Valkyrie in my last post on BDO characters, but with this version I took a different approach. Once again I was trying to replicate the face of a celebrity, this time Margot Robbie, the actress playing as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I think I was much more successful this time, however the preset face still proved to be my downfall. The primary difference between what I was able to make and the actual face or Margot Robbie is the distance between brow, check, and chin. It’s much shorter on her face than what I was able to do with this preset, no matter how hard I tried. If I give it another try, I’ll use the Witch as a starting point instead, as her face is much shorter to begin with.

That’s everything I’ve completed to date. I’ve taken a break from using the character creator lately but if I come back to it, I may attempt an Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy because I’m on a Batman kick and Uma has very unique features that I think will be a challenge to mimic. As for characters I actually plan on using at launch, I’m all ready to go for the March 1st head start.


4 thoughts on “More Character Creating Shenanigans in Black Desert

  1. Heh, that reminds me of when I first discovered The Sims 2 and spent considerable amounts of time re-creating my friends and some celebrities in game.

    Personally I thought your Mr. T turned out alright; at least I recognised him instantly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! At least he was recognizable. After visiting the BDO templates site I realized that, other than few really good ones, a lot of the celebrity look a likes are just marginally similar to the source material. My favorite was someone’s interpretation of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow; it looked nothing like her but was a perfect match for Molly Ringwald.


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