Beard and Soul

Last year I wrote a post grieving the lack of beard options in most MMOs. Even some of the most robust character creator systems like Black Desert Online are sorely lacking in creative facial hair expressions. I mean, if an Indie MMO ever set a Kickstarter tier goal to include 30 additional beard styles I would fund the entire game’s production myself. Not now of course, I lack the capital. But once I’ve made my first million having successfully patented and marketed my design for a beard and moustache booger blocker you bet your sweet sideburns I would. Instead I’m left playing busty females or beardless pansies whenever I start new MMO.

Enter Blade and Soul. Sure, it has a linear storyline, a simplistic questing system, ridiculous amounts of inventory clutter, and bosom physics that would confound even NASA’s brightest, but this game knows how to provide its players with some serious beard and moustache opportunities. But why talk about the glorious facial hair theatrics in Blade and Soul when I could just show you?

The Full Beard

First there’s the classic “full beard.” This is for anybody wanting to create that “Island Castaway” look for their character. For each male race Blade and Soul has some of the best full beards I’ve ever seen. The Jin in particular have a marvelous beard specimen.


This is the one I chose for my Kung Fu Master.



“My Beard-shake brings all the girls to the yard.”



“Yeah, well, that’s just like, your opinion man.”


The Beard that Knows Kung Fu

Are you looking for facial hair with an eastern flair? Blade and Soul has you covered. This isn’t my personal taste but if you want to look like a villain straight out of a Bruce Lee film, then you’ve got options. You can even be a child-dog-cat thing with a beard that is simultaneously savage and sublime.


“I know Kung Fu, but my beard prefers Jujitsu.”



Something clever.


The Man-stache

Lastly, we have the moustache. Not technically a beard per se, but the examples below will convince you, these cookie dusters pack enough punch to stand toe-to-toe with a beard any day.


“My eyes are up here, ladies.”



The Wolferine.



Not your father’s moustache (it totally is).


So you’ve got two options in Blade and Soul dear reader, you can piddle around with boob sliders and baby faces, or you can make a real warrior; the kind that can only be described as the unholy spawn of a lumberjack and a ninja, an under-water welder and a sumo wrestler, a professional bowler and a tiger. Make your choice; 99% of the people playing Blade and Soul chose column “A.” Me? I’m sporting a full beard and face-punching pandas.

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