Black Desert Online: Creating Character

It’s no secret that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time using the stand alone character creator for Black Desert over the past week. Surprisingly this has taken up the entirety of my gaming sessions on more than one occasion due to how in depth the character creator is and how much I’ve been enjoying using it. So today I thought I would share some of what I’ve been working on with a little commentary on my thought process and experience.



This is the class I’m planning to focus on as my main for combat, however the next closed beta will give me a chance to try them all out and determine what playstyle I actually prefer. Normally I would not chose to play as a youthful female character, but given that the Tamer is the only pet class in BDO I’m willing to give it a try. My goal here was to create an Egyptian-themed girl with a middle-eastern complexion and cat-like eyes. I may tweak her ears a little to make them more feline as well. I think the idea came from my time spent in Egypt in The Secret World.



Whereas the Tamer can only be a young girl, the Wizard must always be an older man however I’m much less opposed to playing as one. In fact, I was excited to see that there was the option to play as an older character, one that didn’t look horrific like so many aged faces in MMO character creators do. My goal with the Wizard was once more to give him a middle-eastern vibe and for his appearance to be appropriate for a fisherman. I want to have one character be a dedicated ship builder and fisherman and I think this Wizard looks perfect for that role.



This character was actually my attempt at making a “beast” for the contest Daum is hosting this week. I’ll still be entering her in the contest but what I didn’t expect was to actually like the model enough to consider using it in the game, possibly as a main for combat if I don’t enjoy the Tamer. I’m going to go into a little more detail on this one in another post, as it is by far the most involved customization I have done, but the general idea was to make a zombie inspired character with bat-like features to her facial structure. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.



I didn’t like the base model for this class at all, which is why I chose it as the next one to customize. I wanted to see if I could turn the preset face into something that I would actually want to play and in that I think I succeeded. What I like about this face is that he looks the part of a gentle giant; simple of mind and kind of heart but more than willing to use his mass and strength to protect his friends. However when there is no need to fight, he looks like he would be working a farm or tending the horses and that’s exactly what he’ll be doing in game.



Of all the characters I’ve worked on thus far, this one had the least reconstructive work on the face. I did make a few adjustments but mostly worked on getting a color relationship between the hair, makeup, and eyes that I liked. Thematically I was thinking of a cross between Joan of Arc and something more sinister like a succubus, vampire, or trickster fairy. Strange combination, I know, but the mind wanders to strange places sometimes when I’m working on something creative. I’d like to go back and try and change the hair a little, which is an area of customization that I’ve not really gotten into yet.

That’s what I have for now but I still plan on making a Ranger and possibly a Warrior in the coming weeks. I have an idea for the ranger already (entirely white with slate blue or lavender eyes) but with the Warrior I may have to play around a bit and see where it takes me. While I’m ready to get in game and experience the combat, crafting, and trading systems first hand for now I’m enjoying my time designing characters.

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