The Slowly Ones


“The Kindly Ones” mission in Besieged Farmlands


What’s even better than an MMO escort mission you ask? Why, an escort mission comprised of short legged, rat-faced Blajini that move at the speed of a snail riding a three-legged tortoise on quick sand, that’s what.

If I ever have to do this mission again, I’m feeding them all to the werewolves.


3 thoughts on “The Slowly Ones

  1. Cover them in BBQ sauce before. It’s not like the mission is hard, but it’s really annoying. The only amusing part is the cutscene at the start and the sentences used to get them out of their holes. Communism is still alive there… 😀


    • Yes, it was easy. They just moved so much slower than any other NPC I’ve encountered!

      And as always the story bits (including the references to communism) were rich and on point. I actually wish we interacted more with this race (maybe I will later in Transylvania?) I found them to be interesting but short lived.

      Pun intended.


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