Blogging in 2016

I’m taking a new approach to blogging this year, one that should fit both my schedule and my goals for the blog. I’ve already mentioned some of the reasons why I stopped last year and what would need to change for me to incorporate it back into my schedule this year and since then I’ve been able to follow through with those changes (mostly). So here’s how I plan to approach blogging for 2016:

  1. Most of my writing for the week will be done in a single block, about 2 hours. When I’m out of town for a day or two for work (something that will be happening more frequently this year) I’ll take advantage of that time on the road to write. When I’m in town I’ll keep it to the weekends. Part of what makes this work is that I’m taking detailed notes while I game so that some of the work is done before I actually sit down to write. That’s what I’ve done the last couple of weeks and it’s worked well so far.
  2. Topics will be simple, focusing on day to day MMO experiences or other gaming related shenanigans. Last year I tried to write on the “big issues” or exhaustive guides both of which ended up too wordy and ultimately time consuming. This year I’ll keep topics simple, something that can be written in about 500 words or so. That makes the writing, editing, and the reading more manageable.
  3. I’ll save my Word documents more frequently… okay, this wasn’t exactly a goal until this past Friday when I had a half-day off work and decided to write a little during the free afternoon. I still have no idea how, but two separate documents disappeared after I went through the motions of saving them. I might have been able to prevent the disappearance of the second had I realized the first was missing but instead I lost everything (that would be one of the downsides of writing a week’s worth of posts in one sitting).

That’s it— a set schedule, shorter posts, simpler topics, and paranoia-induced levels of document saving frequency. I’m hoping the end result will be 4-5 posts a week every week with about 2-3 hours spent writing. Have any of you tried writing and scheduling a week’s worth of posts in advance? Or do you prefer to write daily?


2 thoughts on “Blogging in 2016

  1. Sounds like you have a plan!

    I tend to write day by day, but when I game, I game with blogging in mind. I’m always documenting things through screenshots – taking many, many more than I’ll need. The screens help remind me of what I wanted to write about, or act as a springboard for topics for me. I suppose it’s similar to you taking notes, just in picture form.

    I don’t hold myself to a schedule, though. I know if I force myself to write daily, I’d probably quit. I give myself a break from blogging on weekends (though that’s also the time I spend hours working on art for my webcomic, so it balances out).

    It also helps that I work as a writer. I often blog during lunch breaks, or sometimes first thing in the morning to warm up for my day at work. So much practice makes it so that I can shoot off blog posts fairly quickly now days… but that really, really comes with time and consistent writing. As I said, I’m a technical writer by trade, so throwing words on a screen is what I do every day.

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    • I didn’t know you were a writer by trade! I’m always amazed when someone both writes (or draws or whatever) for their 9-5 and also on their own time. But that’s because personally I’ve never been able to do that. I went to school for art but because my job is visual/design related I like to do other activities on the side (with the exception of screenshots I guess, I tell my wife I’m an MMO photographer, lol).

      I have to take notes because even the pictures aren’t enough for me to remember everything, especially when names are involved. And I need a little push to actually sit down and write at times so having a schedule of sorts I think will help. I tend to be full of ideas and “write” them out in my head but drag my feet putting the proverbial pen to paper sometimes. It’s pretty much commitment issues. Or laziness. I can’t decide. 🙂

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