Casting Shadows

I found this small detail to be interesting while taking screenshots in The Secret World. Apparently your character will only cast a shadow while in third person view. If you scroll in to first person, your shadow disappears. I guess as far as the game is concerned, your character ceases to exist at that point so it is no longer rendered and thus, no more shadows. While I enjoy discovering little nuances like that, I was disappointed. I was hoping to get a picture of my character’s shadow on the wall but without her figure in the image. Oh well, below you can at least see the transformation as I scroll from third to first person.


3 thoughts on “Casting Shadows

  1. Hehe… nice catch. Another amusing thing on the rendering engine: target somebody, be it friend or foe. Don’t deal damage, but turn the screen so the health bar partially is outside of the right side of the screen. 🙂

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  2. It’s a culling trick since you aren’t in view of the camera, there’s no need to render the character anymore saving on processing power. Just about every game I know uses that trick. That screenshot opportunity side effect is interesting though.


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