The Pros and Cons of Black Desert Online

BDO has been on the periphery of my awareness for a while now but only recently did I consider playing when the game launches. There are a lot of features that interest me— game modes that I haven’t experienced in the MMOs I play— but there are also several concerns that I have. So what I thought I would do is make a list of pros and cons and hopefully receive some feedback from others.


  • Beautiful world design and character creation.
  • An interesting take on action combat.
  • More classes I’m interested in playing than I’ll ever have time to try.
  • Housing, horse drawn carts, inventory weight limits, variation by region in the demand of goods, and a myriad of other bits that make this MMO more of a sandbox.
  • The knowledge system—I can’t say I fully understand it, but what I do sounds great.
  • A buy to play business model.


  • The gameplay shifts from a PvE focus to a PvP focus at level 50. Depending on the community and whether the game was designed to discourage griefing, this may be a deal breaker for me. Even under ideal circumstances, I might not like that type of gameplay.
  • At higher levels progression relies more on grinding mobs than running quests.
  • The game does not seem like the kind that would work well as a secondary MMO, but rather requires a lot of time committed.
  • I’m not a fan of the visual style of Korean games. It’s beautiful— there’s no question about it—but it may take me some immersed in the game to gain an appreciation for the art style.
  • The energy system—I probably need to read more about this, but depending on how limiting it is on what you can do each day (and whether they sell boosts in the cash shop), it could be problematic. That said, it could also make for interesting choices, so this might switch to a pro once I understand it better.


There are probably a few other details I could throw in, but those are the main reasons I am excited about the game but unsure whether or not I’ll buy it at all, let alone pre-order. I may wait and see how the first 3-4 months go before making a decision so that I have a better idea of the community and end game however I’m always a little jealous of people who start a game in beta or right at launch so maybe I’ll take the risk and give it a try.

Is anyone else excited about Black Desert? What are the top features you’re anticipating? What are your concerns?

8 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Black Desert Online

  1. These sound exactly like the pros and cons of the few other Korean MMO imports I’ve tried in the past few years. At first these differences from typical western MMOs seemed like a creative novelty, but now I’m beginning to wonder if they’re just part of a cultural norm I can’t adapt to.

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    • I think that’s a very real possibility for me too but I haven’t played one long enough to know for sure. (Fifteen levels in ArcheAge doesn’t exactly count.) I’m hoping the Buy to Play business model helps with some of it or at the very least the story and combat is interesting enough to play a class or two to 50 even if I don’t like the long term gameplay so that I still get my money’s worth out of it.

      The smart move would be to wait and see, but my curiosity may get the better of me.


  2. I’ve side-eyed this game here and there, mostly because of the beautiful art style. But it sounds too close to ArcheAge – especially with the PVP at level 50 and the energy system. I wasn’t aware of the energy system until I read this post. If there was anything I hated in AA, it was the labor system. I refuse to play another game that limits my progress the way a mobile app does.

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    • I didn’t know about the energy system at first either or even that it was so much like ArcheAge post-50. It took me reading:/ watching multiple sources reviewing both the NA beta and Korean servers before I felt like I had a clear picture of what the game would be like as a whole.

      Especially with beta testers, most posts/ videos are caught up in the look of the game or the combat but don’t discuss the big picture. Which makes sense because it’s a beta and most people probably aren’t getting that far into it. But it meant I had a completely different impression of the game after looking into more than I did to start off, some of which went to the pros column but others added to the cons.

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  3. Regarding boosts for the energy system- they removed them from the store recently ( )

    In MMOs, i can see the reasoning to use energy systems to encourage players to focus on something while still having the ability to be self-sufficient. Instead of being able to only select 2-3 professions per character, you could still follow all of them while not being able to do everything, anytime and NOW. It’s also a way to control the pace of players.

    So basically, i do like these systems in MMORPG, although it hasn’t been done right yet and if/when they’re selling boosters…well, that’s when the whole premise from above falls apart.


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