Trove Tunes: Skyrim Theme

It’s time for another edition of Trove Tunes! This week’s feature was created by Major Tom. Major Tom is the premier Trovian composer and the player behind the Trovian Maestros Club World. No one is as prolific or as talented as he is at this point in the game’s history. Personally, I hope to see more people take up the challenge of composing music in Trove to give Tom a run for his money, but for now most of what you’re going to see featured on Trove Tunes will be made by him.

Today’s feature is a remake of the theme from Skyrim. This theme is not something I’m familiar with from the source material as I have never played the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series. However what drew me to this song over so many others made by Tom was the variety of sounds and the way he uses space (or the lack thereof) to create different levels of intensity throughout the music. The introduction is quiet, with widely spaced bass-like sounds. Then the piano is introduced, building momentum and developing the melody. It’s when the synth-voice comes in that the song really starts to go somewhere. And that dog bark. Classic.

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