State of the Rez: I’m Not Good at Making Decisions

This week has been a productive one for me in both Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online. I renewed my subscription to Final Fantasy XIV last week and since then I’ve managed to level the Rogue class up from 10 to 32, Pugilist up to 15, and then I also completed the introductory quest line for Ninja. That puts me at three Jobs in the thirties: Black Mage (39), Warrior (31), and now Ninja (32) with the Arcanist class close behind at level 27. However despite all that time spent leveling in FFXIV, the Black Mage is my highest level Job at 39. I have yet to reach 50 because I continue to change focus.

This happens to me in an MMO after I take a break from the game for a few months and then come back. That’s not the only reason though, it can also happen when I get bored with the class I’m playing or I convince myself that all the classes I’m NOT playing would be a better fit. Nevertheless, I’m really enjoying the Rogue and Ninja playstyle and I’ve got a good feeling about making it all the way to 50 this time. My only level 100 in World of Warcraft at the moment is a Rogue so it seems to be my class archetype of choice right now.

Because I’ve already played the story quest line up to level 34, I’ve had to work on the Rogue/ Ninja via fates, levequests, and dungeons. I enjoy the kind of focused grind this presents, but at this point I’m dangerously close to burnout which is why I’ve been toggling back and forth between Final Fantasy and The Elder Scrolls Online. And FFXIV is not the only game in which I’ve been indecisive on class choice lately either. I started a Sorcerer in ESO this week. There is a multi-game guild that I have played with in Rift and Final Fantasy XIV that has an ESO chapter which I recently joined. However my Argonian dragonknight is in the Ebonheart Pact and this guild is mostly in the Daggerfall Covenant so I decided to try out a new character that would allow me to group up with my guild more often.


While I am enjoying the Sorcerer— possibly more than the Dragonknight— I have not been terribly impressed with the guild. There tends to be anywhere from four to seven people on at any given time and I have yet to see any conversation in guild chat. Granted I have not spoken up either but I expect more socialization than that in a guild and I think that existing members should provide opportunities to socialize for newer members, not the other way around. Thankfully ESO allows you to be a part of several guilds, though I must confess I have no idea how that works or what the limitations are. In theory this should allow me to continue associating with my present guild in the event that the situation gets better while also providing me the opportunity to find a more active guild environment.

I’m also torn about whether to continue playing the Sorcerer which I prefer or the Dragonknight which I have progressed further. Considering the success I’ve had lately with Rogue archetypes, perhaps I should give the Nightblade a try. The problem is that I’ve already lost some momentum by switching classes and I can tell my interest in the game is waning. It’s not the game itself though, that I still really enjoy. Knowing that I have a good week or two ahead of me before I’m at the same point of progress with my Sorcerer as I am with my Dragonknight is what discourages me from logging in or playing for more than an hour. I have temporarily abandoned games before because I have rerolled too much early on and I do not want that to happen here.

Regardless of what I decide long term, I do plan on staying with the Sorcerer until I’ve completed the introductory quests for some of the crafting professions so that I can get some screenshots and take notes for an upcoming post on ESO crafting. Perhaps I’ll dig a little deeper into FFXIV crafting as well so that I can compare and contrast what I think are both wonderful crafting systems.


As for other future posts, I’m considering doing a series inspired by the conversations I’ve seen on women and sexual objectification in video games. What I would like to write is a series of posts exploring biblical womanhood. There is a lot of rich content in the bible on the subject and while I am aware of some of it I have never taken the opportunity to study it all first hand and in depth. So rather than voice an opinion on the MMO gaming industry and the treatment of female players and NPCs in video games I will hopefully be offering a broader picture of what it means theologically to be a woman. Since I am a man this should be interesting so get your popcorn ready. To avoid looking completely foolish I would like to have my wife proofread before I post. As my editor she will be provided with a red pen and when necessary, a large foam baseball bat.

At least I hope it will be made of foam.

For this weekend I should either have an initial post ready for the series on biblical womanhood or a post on an introduction to crafting in ESO. I also plan on gaining those last two levels in FFXIV so that I can jump back into the main storyline. Hopefully I will have made a choice on which class to pursue in ESO as well before I completely stall in an MMO that has otherwise been tremendously fun for me. In fact, if anyone has any insight in choosing a class for the Elder Scrolls or general advice on overcoming my chronic indecision I’m open to suggestions.

Or maybe I’m not. I don’t know.

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