Welcome to “Waiting For Rez”

Welcome to “Waiting for Rez,” a peculiar mix of articles and poetry on the MMO genre and Christianity. My name is Weakness and this site will be my first launch into the blogging community.

I’ve been involved with MMOs for a relatively short period of time compared to other fans, only three and a half years. My first two years were dominated by World of Warcraft but eventually I transitioned into other MMOs: Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rift, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, WildStar, and most recently The Elder Scrolls Online. At the start I was fixed on WoW and had no idea how diverse the genre could be; now I have difficulty staying with a game for longer than a month because there’s always another title vying for my attention.

My interest in blogging began as a reader of Massively. For the last year I’ve enjoyed the staff’s articles and interacting with the other readers via the comments section. A few of the contributing writers maintain personal blogs that I have followed as well. Participating in that community has given me the opportunity to think and write with others and I want to continue that activity by producing work of my own.

Gaming posts on this blog will provide commentary on game design and industry trends, share personal gameplay stories, and respond to select MMO news. Posts related to Christianity will mostly be spiritually themed poems but will also include the occasional reflection on scripture or life experience from a Christian vantage. I’ll be updating the blog once a week with a significant article or poem. There’s also the possibility of smaller poems added throughout the week.

Stop by later this week and I’ll have a few additional posts ready. Thanks to everyone reading for your support!

So now that we’re no longer strangers… can I get a rez plz?


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